To The People Who Don’t Take Their Own Advice

You can dish it out, but can you take it?

We’re all pretty wise in our own ways. And it’s extremely valuable to listen to the experiences of others, because one day you might have an experience similar to theirs.

No one really ever wants to listen, but when advice is asked for and given, it will in some way sink in. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, your advice will eventually resonate with someone.

But does it ever resonate within ourselves? We have all these life experiences that we explain to others in hopes of helping them. But we never learn from our own life experiences. We never know how to help ourselves.

You can listen to the advice of others as much as you want – but no one knows you as well as you know yourself. And I’ve heard it all before, when you meet someone you think knows you sooo well, you listen to them before anyone else.

But you should ALWAYS listen to yourself first. And if you’re truly listening, if your life experiences are truly resonating, then you shouldn’t be afraid of doing the wrong thing.

Because without your own advice, chances are you’re already doing the wrong thing. The advice you give others is great – but try giving it to yourself every once in a while.

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