Changing The World

The other day someone asked me what I wanted to do. I explained my job, I explained my passion projects, and then I said I wanted to change the world.

He told me he hates when people say that, one person can’t change the world.

But it’s all about the perspective. Of course I don’t have a magic wand in which I can solve world hunger, cure all disease, create world peace, and dissolve all corruption.

I’m one person and all I can really do is start changing the world one person at a time – starting with myself.

I actively choose to be a positive person who contributes to society. I work for a non profit and I write this blog – both are very different things, but I think both play a part in changing the world.

Because if one marketing project I create helps to save someone’s life – then I’ve changed the world. And if I write one blog post that inspires someone – then I’ve changed the world. If I run into one person on the street, in the bar, at the mall and I make them think a little or smile a little or relax a little – then I’ve changed the world.

Everyone should aspire to change the world. Even if it’s just starting with yourself. Even if you just work on being the best version of yourself for the rest of your life – you have helped to change the world.

And you can go bigger than that. You can do huge things if you believe that you can. Because one person plus one person plus a million people can make a lot of change even if they’re all just doing small things on their own. They can change the world. You can change the world.

37 thoughts on “Changing The World

  1. Love this! I believe that each of us is a ripple in that big pond. Having the attitude that you have, is a ripple that keeps moving outward, and effects change every day. Keep doing what you’re doing my friend! 🙂

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  2. Big Sean said it best “one man can change the world”. I’m glad you shared this, all of times we think we have no impact or it’s not big enough, but in reality is out shine that glisten the world 🙂

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      1. I agree that people don’t thing they can make a positive change. They also don’t realize how often their inability to do something positive means they are doing something negative.

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  3. I absolutely LOVE this!! I definitely agree with you too — I think one person can change the world and can even think of some great examples such as Mother Teresa, doctors who find cures for terminal diseases, or people who take a stand and start civil rights movements. I think there are a lot of opportunities for people to change the world, and even if you just help one other person it’s definitely worth it! That guy sounds a lot like my ex — don’t listen to him and keep up the good work. I am excited to keep following your blog and see what you do to make the world a better place. 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! There are tons of opportunities! I’m definitely not going to listen to that guy haha, getting rid of the negative people in your life brings you one step closer to being more positive and bringing that positivity into the world. 🙂

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