Give Independent People Time To Miss You

People that have fully embraced independence just don’t function the same as an average person.

Independent people fully accept being alone, their personal space, and doing things on their own. They don’t expect help from anyone. They don’t expect anyone else to come around and encroach on their personal time.

It’s not like they don’t want to be around people. They just don’t have to be all the time.

When it comes to dating, highly independent people need time to warm up to the idea of letting someone lend a hand. The idea of having less personal time and more communication.

And in these days of technology, it almost feels impossible to be independent of everyone. To be independent of your Twitter followers, to be independent of your family on Facebook, to be independent of your friends on Instagram, to be independent of your significant other.

Everyone is everywhere literally all the time. But we don’t need that kind of suffocation. We don’t need to know what you’re doing at all times and we don’t expect you to want to know that information from us. In fact, as an independent person, it makes us cringe to think of nonstop telling someone all about our day as it’s happening.

It’s too much. Give us time to miss you. We don’t need to text all day every day – that’s a sure way to drive an independent person away. We don’t want all of our space invaded right away. It’s not because we don’t like you, it’s not because you’re not great. It’s just because we’re not used to it and we just don’t function that much.

Less is more with independent people. We appreciate your company, we just don’t need your life to be completely combined with ours. We can still be together, but separately.

15 thoughts on “Give Independent People Time To Miss You

  1. Could not have said it better myself. This is how I feel all the time. I’m definitely not the type to panic when someone doesn’t text back for a while.

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  2. Wise post Rosie. As someone who is fairly independent and likes to plan her time, I do find it hard to let a significant other help out and join in, it takes time as you say, for both of you to be comfortable. Takes time to give up some control over your time and let the other person have an important say. Great piece.

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