How To Reconnect With Old Friends

Losing friends is a part of life. With any relationship, sometimes people just get distanced from each other. They fight, they grow apart, they move, they let something get in the way.

But just because you lose touch for a little while doesn’t mean you’re meant to stay apart forever. We all have some friends that we left in the past because they were just not good for us. But we all also have friends we left in the past that need to be brought into the present.

It’s not easy to reach out to people you’ve lost touch with. So much time has passed, it seems a little awkward to ask someone how they’ve been doing for the last five years. But you had a great friendship before and there’s no reason to not have it again.

You have to forgive anything that may have happened in the past. Whether it be a fight, or they stopped keeping in contact with you no matter how hard you tried, or you just haven’t made the time to see them in 10 years. You have to forgive it all. If you’re willing to rekindle the friendship, any bad blood from the past needs to be obsolete.

And you need to be open. Your friends have grown into different people just as you have. Deep down we still have parts of us that stay the same, but those are the parts you just don’t give away to people. You have to be open to the new person your friend has become.

Lastly, you need to be patient. Friendships don’t grow overnight. It’s been so long that this friendship is basically starting from the beginning. You aren’t going to hang out every day and be best buds right away. It takes time, just like it did the first time around.

It is totally worth it to reconnect with old friends who are worth your time. Don’t waste your time on the ones who weren’t really good friends, but do spend the time with the ones who have always cared. Don’t be afraid to reach out, the special people in your life are hard to come by.

22 thoughts on “How To Reconnect With Old Friends

  1. There was this girl that was in my form at school and we sat next to each other in a couple of classes. We were classmates rather than mates. Then when school finished and we ended up going to different universities we didn’t see each other for nearly 5 years, until about a month ago when we bumped into each on a night out and now we’ve picked up from where we left off. It’s quite nice reconnecting with someone after such a period as we’ve both got stories to tell, gossip about other schoolmates and remembering old times.

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  2. Last night I reconnected with my old college roommate. We talked mostly old stories from college and laughed til we had tears in our eyes. We are different but still the same. I really hope to hang out with her again soon.

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  3. Love this post, forgiving is key and realizing that is powerful . I set one free, I’ll be open in the future thanks to your post. Sweet post Rosie 🙂 ❤️

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  4. Great piece Rosie. What you say is very true. Also, I find sometimes, you end up friends with people from your past, you never would have thought you’d be friends with before. Past similarities lead to new friendships.

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