How It Feels To Finally Let Your Guard Down

So you got hurt. It happens to all of us eventually and we all cope with it in different ways. Many people choose to build a wall to keep everyone out, to keep future hurt from getting in.

And it kind of feels like nothing will ever break that wall down again. Nothing or no one. People try to chip away at it, but you are still there to reinforce it. You don’t want a broken heart again, you can’t let anyone in.

That seems true for a while, but people have often told me that once the right person comes along – everything will change. You let them chip away, you let them in, you let your guard down.

But it’s been so long since you let anyone get that close and the feeling is terrifying. Why? Because you’re feeling everything all at once. All the emotions you refused to feel before, all the hurt you’ve been avoiding is looming in front of you, all the love that you’ve feared is staring you straight in the eye.

You should let your guard down when the right person comes along, but just know that the feeling is overwhelming. That you’re going to feel like everything is about to go wrong. That you’re going to be terrified of being hurt again. That everything you’ve ever wanted could be right in front of you.

You are going to feel everything all at once. And realize how much better that is than feeling nothing at all.

20 thoughts on “How It Feels To Finally Let Your Guard Down

  1. Build a wall with windows and doors. Locked and covered with bars. Those who want to will have to climb the wall and only those who reach the centre and are willing to go that extra mile deserve the key.
    If it hurts again just change the lock. but give them a change to at least get in though with some effort.

    Lol every one who looks through my windows is scared shitless lol they don’t even try.

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      1. Maybe so but at least the window would be there to have some interaction.

        We need to be careful not to become a recluse with that wall around us.

        The chance will be given to those who are willing to take a chance with me! As long as you are willing to climb the wall you are giving that chance.

        At least the door is also easy to kick them to the curb.

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  2. I always say to myself don’t allow previous hurt to make my heart harden. Don’t let heart break make me bitter. Not all people mean to break our heart – we have the spirit to to start over. Sometimes what one person expects from another doesn’t tally up. I believe (as hard as it can be to be this objective) that any experience especially ones that hurt us have a lesson to teach us and help us to grow and move on and grow in character.

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  3. So freaking true. I hate putting up walls, but I think I do and I tell myself I’m picky. Sometimes, tho, the right person comes along, you let them in, then they hurt you and you realize they weren’t the right person after all. I guess that’s where I’m at. Thanks for posting this.

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  4. I’m different in such a situation. I do not build any wall, I try to find new persons to forget about the previous ones who hurt me. I can never know if the new ones also hurt me, of course it may happen. But I can’t be alone. Being alone means remaining with the same feelings, not moving forward. Meeting new people means growing and even if they hurt you someday, you know that they meant something and you are not the same person you were before meeting them.

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  5. I have been building my walls up high so that others don’t know me. I don’t like the feeling of vulnerability at all. It seems like I am telling them a big part of me. The reason why I found it difficult to open up and make friends is due to that but I do realised that there are others who just want to know for the sake of knowing. There are no genuine care and concern from them. But thankfully I have a small group of friends whom I could share anything with. Much love ❤

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