To The People I Stopped Writing About

Almost everything I write is inspired by people. I know some draw inspiration from objects or experiences, but I am very people oriented. As a writer, I basically have an account of everyone who has mattered in my life right in front of me. Whether it’s through this blog, a journal, or poetry that gets lost in my phone notes.

It’s very apparent to me who I was writing about when I go back through the archives and take a look at my old writing. At the time, there was so much emotion put into the words that I can still feel them when I reread.

But as I recently read through, it wasn’t really being brought back into that moment that made an impact on me. It was the fact that there’s a date at the top of that entry – and that was the last time I ever wrote about that person again.

Something snapped after that last post or last poem or last journal entry where I just didn’t care enough to waste my words on that person anymore. And to a writer – that’s the realest kind of freedom you can find.

So to the people I stopped writing about, here’s a solid goodbye. Chances are I wrote more about the pain than I did about the pleasure – but that’s just because you probably only had a negative impact on me. Of course you helped me grow, of course I’m happy with who I am today – so thank you for the lesson, but it’s time to move on.

I don’t write about you anymore because there is nothing left to say. There is no we, there is no us, there is no ex boyfriend this or ex boyfriend that. Everything in my journals is the past and I’m so present without you.

To the people I stopped writing about, I wish you all the best and distantly hope you’re doing well – but in the end, it’s not something that really pertains to me anymore. The words still softly strike a chord, but it’s nothing more than a faded memory.

24 thoughts on “To The People I Stopped Writing About

  1. This is so amazing and relevant. I love reading through my poetry/writing and realising that that person no longer features in my dominant thoughts and emotions. It’s true that those people usually caused more pain. Lovely read!

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    1. Me too! Even people who have very small roles in my life end up getting written about eventually, it was extremely freeing to realize I don’t write about most of the ones who have played larger and more negative roles in my life.


  2. Last week as I walked past St. Johns College Oxford, a lady was seated on the pavement, her back leaning against the high wall and, wait for it! She was selling poems 🙂 you could sit next to her and she’d write a personalised poem for you there and then. Her card gave a price (I can’t remember) and no I didn’t ask for one. Wish I had actually, she was quite pretty.

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  3. It’s funny how people come and go in our lives. Sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse.

    It’s all a learning and growing curve. On a positive note, at least you’ll always have something to write about haha!

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  4. I wish I was able to let go of people this way. I haven’t had much issue with exes, but old friendships still linger and its hard not to think about them sometimes.

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  5. Amen! We may tell ourselves that we’ve moved on or better off without someone or make up scenarios in our head where we bump into them and we look awesome, but it’s when we actually stop thinking about them or having them in our thoughts so often, that we know we have actually, really, moved ahead in our lives… 🙂

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