The Hookup On: Pokémon Go

Let me just start by saying that I’m pretty much the worst nerd ever. I like nerdy things, but I never really know enough about them to be knowledgeable so I’m just kind of weird.

Anyway, when Pokémon Go came out I downloaded it right away. Mostly because everyone else was doing it and partly because my tiny, unknowledgeable inner nerd was super excited.

A lot of people have jumped at every opportunity to hate on the game. I’ve heard the stories of people playing and driving or getting into car accidents or trespassing into people’s yards – but as with anything, people just do stupid things sometimes. Pokémon Go didn’t need to come out for that to happen.

I’ve seen a lot of positive things come out of it. People thought it was going to be hyped up for like a week then disappear, but I still see a lot of people walking around with the app open. That in itself is great, people actually get up to play this game.

I actually get up to play this game. Seriously the other day I went to the gym then walked around outside the gym just so I could incubate and hatch one of my Pokémon eggs. I’ve gone outside and exercised more in the past couple of weeks only because of Pokémon Go. It’s pretty crazy.

As an unknowledgeable nerd, I read a bunch of articles along the way to learn about some of the key points of the game. Otherwise, other people who play have given me tips and tricks. It’s all about communication, you get to meet new people and talk about this game that you have in common which is another plus.

Now, if I’m being honest I kind of suck at Pokémon Go – especially for someone who plays it so much. But all in all, the app doesn’t need any hate. It is only looking to get people out and talking about a fun game. If we’re going to hate on anything, it might as well be the fact that Instagram has added 24 hour stories. Like that’s just pointless…



19 thoughts on “The Hookup On: Pokémon Go

  1. The exercise is great for the family, I never did embrace pokemon although I let the kids watch when they were younger; now it’s come back and they still remember the names and the songs… I love that the kids still enjoy that, just like I enjoyed a few shows when I was younger. I watched the shows with the kids, but only to embrace THEM. And Mrs M is so funny, she drives around slowly to “Ketcham all” and connect with our daughter. And she’s not really walking much. Maybe to hatch some eggs… I know it’s probably mean but I drew the kids’ attention to Ash never aging for the past several years, still 10, but now, 26. And my favorite characters were Team Rocket. Have fun and be careful while you’re Go-ing wherever you Go.

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  2. It’s great until all your Pokestops go missing. I’m not stressing about it though. Honest, it’s nothing. Not bothering me one bit.


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  3. Pokemon Go is a great game that makes one go outside nowadays. A game is what is needed for kids not to be sitting down and staring at a screen which is ironic. Sadly, this game is not even out in my country. I shall enjoy seeing the rest of the world playing this game first while I am waiting for my turn. Thank you for the amazing post and much love.

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  4. I just heard about instagram stories some hours back, jeez I haven’t even gotten over Snapchat and now another. At least you have told us something positive about pokemon. 1st good pokemon story I have read. Been bad news all the way.

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  5. Haha even though I’m a fan of Pokemon Go, I don’t play it because I don’t have the equipment needed (a smartphone). But I’ve heard and read really awesome things about it, such as how people who rarely go out, such as people with mental illness, now are motivated to go outside, exercise, and socialize with others in person while walking around.

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