The Hookup On: Things That Make Me Unhappy

  1. Being unproductive at work
  2. Not making enough time for myself
  3. When my week is booked with plans
  4. When I have zero plans
  5. Stressing out over little things
  6. Friends who just aren’t good friends
  7. Hangovers
  8. Gaining weight
  9. Caring about how much I weigh
  10. When my hair grows and my roots show
  11. Not napping
  12. Spending too much money for no reason
  13. Feeling guilty after I eat too much food
  14. Extremely negative people
  15. People who put other people down
  16. When my room and my car and my life get too messy
  17. When I feel like I’m not being a good friend
  18. When I disappoint people
  19. When I hurt people
  20. Becoming unmotivated

Making lists of the things that make you unhappy puts everything on the table. Right in front of you are problems you can solve, are all the things getting in the way of your happiness. Write them down and eliminate them.

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6 thoughts on “The Hookup On: Things That Make Me Unhappy

  1. Would one not agree that the things that make us unhappy are petty little things. And simple to solve.
    Once we look over he list we, at least I would, feel so tiny and sad and stupid. We worry to much.

    As for the hangover… usually means you can’t remember much of the night before. Was it a good night? Oooh the headache. LOL

    As with that I’ll have one on you… Cheers

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