My Updated Summer Bucket List!

About a month ago, I posted my summer bucket list here. With about a month to go, I thought I’d give an update on where I’m at now and some things I’ve added on. It has been proven that writing down your goals will help you to achieve them, but to share your goals with others will hinder your success.

I definitely think there’s a little truth to both parts. So while I’m sharing my summer bucket list with you, I will keep some of my goals a secret – but most I will share here with you:)

        1. Read 15 books (updated to a more realistic goal)
        2. Get back into a fitness routine
        3. Visit Nashville
        4. Visit Washington D.C.
        5. Reach 1000 WordPress followers
        6. Dye my hair a crazy color
        7. Shop at farmer’s markets/more locall
          Most of my veggies come from farmer’s markets now 🙂
        8. Visit the beach at least once a month
          Not worried about this one, I’m there alllll the time: see it here!
        9. Paint a cooler
        10. Reach 2000 Instagram followers
        11. Reach 450 Facebook likes
        12. Be mindful about what I eat
        13. Redo my blog
          Have you checked it out?
        14. Visit at least 5 outdoor parks
        15. Go to at least 5 concerts
        16. Go to a soccer game
        17. Watch Italy win the Eurocup
          They didn’t even make it to the finals lol 😦
        18. Be happy
          This one has been going well, but I’ve been more stressed than usual so I’ve added a new goal!
        19. Be receptive and friendlier in general
          This one was new and I’ve been doing really well 🙂
        20. Try and de-stress

Let me know some of the items from your bucket list! And if you have any suggestions for me, I’m open:)

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