Falling Out Of Love With Doing What You Love

They say if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Sorry, but that just can’t be true. Because even if you get employed with your dream job, it’s still a job. There are still days where you’re going to want to sleep in or play hooky and can’t because you have to work. You may love your job, but it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

Sometimes we like our jobs, but then other times we fall out of love with it. We get tired of monotony or we just lose our spark or we’re not doing as well as we used to. It gets to us. It takes away the love and we forget all the reasons we jumped into the position in the first place.

It’s okay to not always be 10000% thrilled with your occupation. It’s okay to go home and drink a glass of wine some days and complain for hours.

What’s not okay is if your job makes you unhappy all the time. If you’re never thrilled with it and always complaining. What’s not okay is when you can’t find any part about your job that you love anymore.

For the days where we’re just a little bit out of love with the job we love, it’s important to keep a positive outlook. To remember that bumps in the road eventually pass and at the end of the day this is still something you want to be doing.

If your bump in the road is more like a giant mountain that won’t budge, maybe it’s time to move on. If you can’t fall back in love with the job you loved – then you need to find another one that will make you happy.

18 thoughts on “Falling Out Of Love With Doing What You Love

  1. Great insights! Job and career doldrums happen. Staying power in the same career even if you switch organizations has lasting benefits. I teach these concepts in my university parks and rec classes. Leisure is important, but we can’t always expect our jobs to fill that void.

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  2. I would 🙂 disagree on one point, you can be unhappy at work and also not be a complainer! Being unhappy in both cases isn’t good for your health, isn’t fun and well yes quite pointless, but if you never complain, put a brave face on things, others will guess you’re not a happy soul. A great Post 🙂

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  3. Great point Rosie, I love my job but sometimes ….. Let’s just say I start daydreaming of being a YouTuber…Lol .. Thanks for this perspective 🙂

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