Places I Want To Visit

I have this very unorganized list in my planner of places I want to go, so I figured I’d write it all down here. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite place to visit πŸ™‚

        1. Toronto
        2. Portland
        3. Seattle
        4. Niagara Falls
        5. Nashville (I’m going in September!)
        6. Mt. Rushmore
        7. Washington DC (Hopefully going by the end of summer!)
        8. Austin
        9. San Francisco
        10. Boston
        11. Boulder
        12. Ireland
        13. Australia
        14. Alaska
        15. Disney World
        16. Aruba
        17. Arkansas
        18. Mexico
        19. Mall of America
        20. Chicago
        21. Montreal
        22. Dominican Republic
        23. Italy (But I want to go again!)
        24. Hawaii
        25. Bahamas
        26. Iceland (Going in January!)
        27. France
        28. Vancouver
        29. New Orleans
        30. Great Lakes
        31. Egypt
        32. Baltimore
        33. Charlotte
        34. Barcelona
        35. Miami
        36. Atlanta
        37. London
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43 thoughts on “Places I Want To Visit

  1. LOVE this list!!! I have been to several of these places (And live in DC!) so am excited to watch you cross them off your list… Nashville and Austin are two of my favorite places in the world πŸ™‚ London is my absolute favorite city, even over New York I think. Can’t wait to follow your travels ❀

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  2. San Fransisco is such a fun city. There is just such a great energy there. I’ve been three times and enjoy it every time. And just a short jaunt away is wine country and nothing beats that!

    I have Australia on my bucket list too. My company launches there this fall so fingers crossed I can travel there and call it a ‘business expense!’ πŸ™‚

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  3. I live in AK above the circle ( and have found it a great place to be. Everyone should definitely spend some time in this great country… although if everyone did, it might not be so great anymore…. I also used to live in Hawaii. Another place everyone should make a pilgrimage to. But again stick to Oahu. It’s already full of tourists.

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