Nashville Advice Needed!

Hey guys!

This weekend I’ll be heading out to Nashville with a couple of my friends for the long weekend 🙂 We are getting into the nitty and gritty and my not so favorite part of vacation – the planning. So I thought I’d reach out for advice from anyone who has been to Nashville or even lives in the area!

My friends and I are mostly looking to eat a lot of good food (I’m a vegetarian but not all places need to be strictly vegetarian) and go to fun bars! We’ll also probably do some touristy stuff. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

If you have any tips and tricks of what to avoid, best ways to get around, and what I should expect – please leave a comment on that too. Feel free to even drop a link if you’ve written a post on Nashville before!

Thanks to everyone who has commented and thanks in advance for any more advice!


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29 thoughts on “Nashville Advice Needed!

  1. I went to Nashville a month ago! Oh my goodness I ate so much good food! And we went to some awesome bars!
    Food wise:
    For breakfast we did Another Broken Egg (they have a full bar and amazing food) We also went to Biscuit Love (we waited 45 minutes and it was worth every second. But if they have space to sit at the bar there, it’s first come first serve there so you can skip the wait) We heard fabulous things about the Pancake Pantry but that line is super long to get it.
    Dinner we did The Farm House. It’s super nice and they buy from local farmers! They have an amazing rosé wine. Oh! And your friends will HAVE to try the crispy pig ears, they taste like candy bacon!
    As for bars…ANY of the bars in Broadway are amazing. The Windows are open and you can just walk by and listen to the live music and decide if you want to go in or not. We spent 3 hours at The Stage one night. Their live band was AMAZING!
    For touristy things we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, if you love country you will love this place! I also heard online the city has Nashville City Passes where for $75 you get to pick 4 from a list of like 20 activities to do. Saves you some money if you are looking for day stuff to do!
    Have fun! Hope these tips help!

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      1. No reservations, but it was just the two of us. They don’t take reservations where we waited in line, but if you go you will notice everyone is pretty use to waiting to go in and have no problem! The Farmhouse does take reservations, I do remember that.

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      2. Oh and for really awesome local shopping finds look for Antique Archaeology ( the American Pickers store from TV) there are tons of shops in the same strip as their store. I honestly could have spent so much money if my husband didn’t drag me out of each store lol

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  2. My friend who lives there says you have to check out Centennial Park, and Ryman auditorium (home of the Grand Ole Opry (even if you hate country music). Also, check out Printer’s Alley (whatever that is). The Wild Cow and The Sunflower Cafe are both good veg.

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  3. Assuming you haven’t gone yet:
    I used to work in Nashville and some of my faves were Fido, Noshville, and Pancake Pantry. Pancake Pantry is best to get there really early… like no later than 7:30 am MAX because the line goes around the block, even on weekdays. If you like exotic/ethnic food my absolute fave was Gojo (Ethiopian Restaurant) where I’d go every single birthday of mine 🙂 Ethiopian has some good veggie dishes – my Vegetarian friend also adored Gojo 😉

    See a show if you have time – Grand Ole Opry, or a play at the Tennessee Performing Arts center ( or the Belcourt has good shows sometimes. As it’s still summer you may find shows in the Park as well… Shakespeare in the park is currently happening through Sept 18: Last I went, it was awesome… chill evening laying out on blankets with friends and eating snacks – and the actors were really good/very well done production 🙂

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  4. If you are willing to go just outside Nashville, Cummins Falls State Park is beautiful. Me and my boyfriend did a little hike there and hung out by this gorgeous waterfall. We did a segway tour in Nashville which was so much fun. Really great way to learn about the city and get a glimpse at stuff you may have missed.

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  5. All of the suggestions above are spot on. You are going to have a great time. Nashville is such a cool city. If you guys ever head to Memphis, let me know!

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