The Hookup On: My “Completed” Summer Bucket List

Summer is over! The official last day of summer, before fall begins, is September 21st.  Although I still have about a week left, I thought I’d wrap it up so I can get my fall goals and bucket list items going. I created this summer bucket list and basically completed it to the best of my ability. Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my goals 🙂 Make sure to check out the embedded links for more info!

1.Read 15 books

Well…I tried. I think I read about 7

2. Get back into a fitness routine

3. Visit Nashville

4. Visit Washington D.C.

Scheduled for November 🙂

5. Reach 1000 WordPress followers

6. Dye my hair a crazy color
I opted for green hair chalk instead 🙂

7. Shop at farmer’s markets/more locally

8. Visit the beach at least once a month

9. Paint a cooler

Started but never finished…oops

10. Reach 2000 Instagram followers

Close! Over 1,900

11. Reach 450 Facebook likes

12. Be mindful about what I eat

13. Redo my blog

14. Visit at least 5 outdoor parks

15. Go to at least 5 concerts

16. Go to a soccer game

Just not enough time unfortunately

17. Watch Italy win the Eurocup
They didn’t even make it to the finals lol 😦

18. Be happy
This one has been going well, but I’ve been more stressed than usual so I’ve added a new goal!

19. Be receptive and friendlier in general
This one was new and I’ve been doing really well 🙂

20. Try and de-stress


Excited for fall to begin 🙂

xoxo Rosie

23 thoughts on “The Hookup On: My “Completed” Summer Bucket List

  1. Awesome list and ideas ! I don’t think I’m following you on FB, what’s your link ? Great post, You got me wanting to do a fall bucket list !


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