Published On Thought Catalog

Hey all 🙂

Recently some of my blog posts have been published on Thought Catalog. I’d love if you could give them a click and check it out!

You Wouldn’t Be Who You Are Today Without Your Bad Relationships

Everything I Thought I Wanted By 23 (But I’m Actually Glad Life Doesn’t Always Go According To Plan)

You Deserve More Than The Half-Hearted Love You Keep Accepting

It’s Okay To Not Be Over Your Past





13 thoughts on “Published On Thought Catalog

  1. Congratulations! I’ll definitely check them out! However I’m curious – If you submit/publish a piece on Thought Catalog, do you still own the writing or does their website own it? I’m considering submitting my own pieces but I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my words 😉

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    1. They came to me after seeing my posts already published on my blog! Since I’ve already published them before they were published on thought catalog, I believe the rights are still mine because I’m the author. Since I don’t monetize, it’s not a huge concern for me

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