My Fall Bucket List

The official last day of summer is tomorrow and autumn will officially begin on September 22nd! Because my summer bucket list was such a success and allowed me to do so many things, I thought I’d make one for fall as well 🙂 It’s a little less heavy, because work picks up and holidays are busy. But see below for my fall bucket list!

  1. Go pumpkin picking
  2. Visit Washington D.C.
  3. Go to 3 concerts
  4. Put together a dope Halloween costume
  5. Get in better physical shape
  6. Get a new ear piercing
  7. Learn to knit/crochet something new
  8. Save money!!
  9. Reach 2,200 Instagram followers
  10. Reach 1,500 WordPress followers
  11. Make more time for friends
  12. Become more involved at work
  13. Be happy

Let me know if you have anything you want to do this fall or if you have any ideas for me to add to my list 🙂

23 thoughts on “My Fall Bucket List

  1. Some great goals to aim for!

    As for getting in better physical shape, I say “I’ll start on Monday” pretty much every week! I think I need to be more motivated and to make time for exercise, although I do go for a run most days.

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  2. Love it! Great ideas!
    And you inspired me to make my own fall bucket list!
    I have one only ‘lifetime’ bucket list.
    I think this will be better because it involves a deadline 🙂

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  3. Great list. Every year I have about 019248908 pumpkin recipes to make, and never usually make one of them. So my goal is to actually make them this time around before the season passes!!! Hope your week has been wonderful. xx

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  4. Awesome list! When you go to DC, make sure to stop at a little Park off George Washington Memorial Parkway near Reagan international Airport called “Gravelly Point”. There is a bench right near the water where you can watch the airplanes taking off. They feel close enough to throw a rock at. It’s really cool.
    Also, go to the Lincoln Memorial at like 3-4 am. No one will be there and it might be the coolest thing you do in DC. Creepy, majestic, and simply amazing.
    Some non-touristy tips for ya. 🙂

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  5. Autumns coming, our Indian summer’s at an end ‘he says with a big sigh’ consequently there’ll be no more ladies wearing cute summer dresses 😦

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