Why I’m Obsessed With Social Media

I’m 23 years old and basically grew up with social media and have been obsessed with it since I discovered it.

It initially started with AIM Messenger where you could chat with your friends online at any time. As a pretty awkward and introverted person, this allowed me to make friends at a young age.

Xanga was like the beginning of WordPress, I tried to blog a bunch of times when I was younger (around 12 years old), but it just wasn’t a thing back then.

Then Myspace rolled around and I started to capitalize on that, making friends on the internet to add on to the dwindling amount of friends I had in real life. I learned html to make my layouts and profile, I blogged, I added strangers and became friends with them. It sounds a little creepy, but it’s almost the same as following people you don’t know on Instagram or replying to comments on WordPress. I’m still friends with someone I’ve never technically met, but met through Myspace.

I dove into Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. WordPress became a big part of my life. I realized I wanted to make a career out of social media because I was good at it. And I think a lot of people think that just because you use Facebook means that you are good at social media, but it’s not necessarily true.

I began building myself and my brand through social media. It took time and is still taking time. I think one of the biggest things people see when looking at someone who is obsessed with social media is that they are faking their lives through an internet platform.

But I’m obsessed with social media because my life is so great in real life and on the internet. I can project all of the fun things I do and goals I accomplish in real life onto my social media platforms.

I’m obsessed with social media because it connects me with like minded people. Because they read my blog and they’re having problems dating, too. Because they saw my Instagram of my trip to Nashville and they’ve been there, too.

I’m obsessed with social media because I’m obsessed with my world and social media opens up the door to a whole other world to enjoy. I’m not faking anything (except a little bit more confidence in my internet life). I love social media because I love my life.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/carmenjost/

11 thoughts on “Why I’m Obsessed With Social Media

  1. Sounds a lot like me. My friends think I’m super bold, when I know I’m not that bold, only recently did I begin to take bold steps. One things am sure not also is fake, both online and offline. Well done👏

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