Why New Love Is Terrifying

Are you dating? Are you in a new relationship? Are you scared? You should be.

There are different types of fears you face when you’re falling into a new love.

There’s the fear of getting your heart broken again. This fear will paralyze you, could possibly stop the whole relationship in its tracks because you’re so scared of feeling that hurt again.

There’s the fear of the unknown. Where are you going to go from here? Will I screw it up? Will someone else screw it up? Will we get married?

There’s the fear of this overwhelming feeling. Love is such a consuming addiction, the feeling of being so head over heels for someone is scary.

There’s the fear of hurting someone. Of not living up to their expectations or not being able to make it work the way they want.

New love is terrifying, but it’s okay. With that fear comes a whole world of excitement. You have to trust people, you have to trust yourself. Because even though you’re terrified, you’re one step closer to happiness with someone else.

Your head is scared, your heart is not. If you don’t do the things that scare you, you’ll be missing out on a lot of things in life. A lot of things that could potentially make you happy.

Give it a shot. Your heart might get broken again, you might not live up to expectations, you might be lost in the dark, or totally overwhelmed. But all of those lessons will help you in life – whether the love ends up being positive or negative. Trust the feeling and go where life takes you, dive into love despite the fear.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sugarhiccuphiccup/

7 thoughts on “Why New Love Is Terrifying

  1. Oh I love this. . .

    Ive try “letting myself to fall in love” for like zillion time.. i even put it on my LIST.

    I mean, i dont know, i always ended in like. . . “No, you will get hurt Val. Dont fall in love. Just do casual relationship.”


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  2. Taking the chance to love is one of the most difficult things a person can do, because the “potential” to experience hurt is part of the package.

    From my own experience it’s worth every doubt I’ve ever had and despite experiencing hurt in the past, it’s worth taking the chance no matter what the outcome.

    Great post! (As always!) 😊

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