The Hookup On: Podcasts

Podcasts are a thing now. As someone who is obsessed with staying on trend in the social media world, I should probably be more into podcasts. Currently the only one I listen to is Live from the Middle Urinal (you can find their Facebook here). Because it’s funny and light and I have a hard time paying attention to things that aren’t visual and they do a pretty good job at making it easy to pay attention.

Matt, Dom, and Phil just recently released a podcast (Episode 17) featuring a female guest. They touch on girl vs boy topics and cover the different opinions of dating/relationships/porn/sex/etc. It’s hilarious. So check it out here if you have iTunes or here on podbean.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think about the show and podcasts in general below! Live from the Middle Urinal is a little explicit, just a warning 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Hookup On: Podcasts

  1. BBC Radio podcasts are a great way of making bus journeys to work more bearable…………. but I haven’t got Facebook so I’ll leave LFTMU to you twentysomethings 😀

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