Accept The Things That Make You Happy

It seems that everything we do in life is part of the search for happiness. More often than not, I think most of us can’t admit that we are truly happy. So we look and dig and wander in search of the thing that will put a smile on our face.

But sometimes, the thought of happiness can be scary. Because it means exploring outside of our comfort zone. It means shedding our old feelings of sadness, boredom, and melancholy. A feeling that we have gotten so used to.ย Happiness is the unknown for most of us.

Although we say we want to be happy, we don’t truly embrace the things that make us happy because of fear.

You might not be happy because you’re not accepting the things that make you happy. Whether it be a fear of getting hurt again so you avoid relationships. Or the fear of failing again so you don’t push yourself to really succeed. Fear often outweighs our want for happiness. Comfort often keeps us in these little bubbles that we are terrified to take a pin to, even if it means happiness could just be around the corner.

Because life is unpredictable and we truly remember the sad times more than the happy ones. We don’t appreciate our ups enough because the down is so consuming. Life is unpredictable and we almost always assume that it is not going to work out in our favor.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope that the risk ends with a reward. It’s not 100%, it’s not guaranteed. But if you open your heart and accept the things that sincerely make you happy – happiness is much closer than you think.

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