The Hookup On: Free Graze Box!

I love food. A lot. And I swear I spend all day snacking at work because it’s the only thing that keeps me focused.

I signed up for a subscription with Graze to get a box of 8 snacks delivered to me once a month for around $11. Did I also mention I’m the laziest grocery shopper ever, so this is really convenient for me?

I just keep the box in my desk at work and munch all day long. The snacks are great, healthy, and portioned to be low calorie!

Visit and enter the code ROSIEK6LB to get a free Graze box! No strings attached, just make sure to cancel your subscription before the next box is shipped. If you decide to stick with it (like I did because honestly it’s the best subscription box I’ve ever used) you’ll also get your 5th box free if you use my code!

Nothing to lose, maybe a little to gain weight-wise because the snacks are addicting 🙂

Let me know if you use Graze or if you decide to use my code!

10 thoughts on “The Hookup On: Free Graze Box!

  1. I tried Graze for a couple months and they had some pretty great snacks! My favorite snack was the dried strawberries – they were amazing and not super dry or chewy. Super flavorful too. I cancelled it after I got to taste a few boxes lol

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