The Mid-Relationship Crisis

The mid-relationship crisis is a bit like a mid-life crisis. It’s the existential realization that maybe not everything is going according to plan or maybe everything is too perfect and you need to just screw it all up.

I’ve always said that around every 6 months, a couple will hit a tiny mid-relationship crisis. It doesn’t have to be something serious. Or it could lead to the end of the relationship.

Every time these crises come about, there are a few things that you need to remember.

One is how much you love the other person and how happy you normally are. If you aren’t in love or happy, your crisis might be just and it’s time to end that relationship.

Another thing to remember is sometimes life gets a little crazy. It may not be your relationship that’s causing you to have a crisis.

And lastly, you need to listen yourself above all others. But also let other people talk you off the ledge if you just can’t handle your mid-relationship crisis. Listening and remaining calm are always key.

These things happen, love is crazy and we panic. Your mid-relationship crisis won’t be an end all, be all unless it’s really meant to be over.


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