The Hookup On: Another Chance To Win!

If you entered my last giveaway – thank you so much!!! And you should do it again! This time there are even better prizes 🙂

I received this amazing JORD watch and really wanted to get a bunch of you guys on board to enter this new giveaway! These unique watches are seriously perfect for men or women, and you just can’t beat a good deal when the watch looks this good. Now that the holidays are here, these watches make the perfect present!

They will even size the watch for you before they send it out and they come in very fancy and beautiful packaging!

Please enter this giveaway to automatically win a $50 e-giftcard for your next watch purchase – no strings attached, just enter!🙂 You have nothing to lose and everything to win when you enter! Go here and enter now:

You automatically get the $50 e-giftcard, but you could possibly win a $180 e voucher for these watches. You can buy your Christmas presents with a major discount with these prizes!

You can check out the men’s watches here:

And the women’s watches here:

Let me know if you decide to enter the giveaway – I would really appreciate seeing lots of you enter! I wish you the best of luck🙂

Don’t forget to enter here!

Mens Wooden Watches

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