The Problem With My Blog

My blogging niche started out as dating-focused and slowly turned into a lifestyle/travel/relationship/millennial blog. So, a lifestyle niche.

But the dating aspect of my blog has never really gone away. Mostly because I find relationships fascinating and because love is ever evolving. A lot of people can relate to the different stages I ‘ve been through in my relationships, I’m glad it helps them and it definitely helps me.

The problem with my blog is that I’ve become too introspective when it comes to dating. I honestly know too much about relationships. It makes dating harder than it should be. Because I know all about the lows and I know all about the highs. I know about the problems of many different couples, as well as my own.

I know things can go downhill fast, faster than you fell in love. The problem with my blog is all of this knowledge and information I dug up for myself is now weighing me down.

Every relationship now comes with the millions of questions I have asked over the two years I’ve been blogging. Am I settling? Am I happy? Is this just like the last relationship? Am I wasting my time? Am I really in love?

And it’s honestly frustrating because, being an over-thinker, I can barely be in the moment and enjoy anything. Now being especially introspective towards my relationship, every couple of weeks I have a panic attack about whether or not this is the right thing.

I’ve preached for so long about looking inside yourself and finding happiness and not letting a relationship get the best of you. I’ve hailed independence and knowing and growing yourself. But when it all comes down to it, can I practice what I preach when I know too much to even let my relationship breathe?

My blog was all peachy and great when I was single, but now that I’m not…there is a problem with my blog.

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22 thoughts on “The Problem With My Blog

      1. Glad you are blogging about a broader range of issues and that doing so is helpful. When I started my site,, back in 2012 I was, at that juncture a new author. However, in 2017 I can no longer make this claim. However the domain’s name is a good one and although the content has now changed to encompass almost exclusively my poetry, I still retain the original title (although I have changed the tagline to more accurately reflect my poetic interests. Will you retain Hookup Culture? It is quite a catchy title.

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  1. I like the idea of widening the scope of your blog, maybe to things you’ve found helpful in life outside of relationships, books you read, favourite movies, or perhaps focusing on relationships with friends or coworkers, sometimes that can be hard to navigate as well etc…

    I appreciate your relationship aspect, as for questioning yourself because of your own advice. There’s a little mental trick I practice when my mind is running circles on a subject. I picture locking all my questions and worries into a mental box. Then I tell myself to forget all this and start enjoying the moment. I picture the box being swiped away and for me and my mind being open and it’s been a wonderful tool to forget for a while. It’s a kind of meditation I guess, because it clears my mind and just opens me to current experiences. Hope perhaps this works for you. We all overthink sometimes so no worries, just find a way to at times to clear your mind and you’ll be okay πŸ™‚

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