How Stress Affects Me

We all get stressed in different ways about different things. This can come as a challenge when you are constantly interacting with different people. We have friends, family, relationships, and coworkers who all get stressed about different things and in different ways. Yet, we still have to figure out how to deal with it.

When I get stressed, I kind of shut down. In light stress situations, I used to be able to make lists and do things that cheered my up before everything got too heavy. But when time isn’t on your side, it’s relatively easy to let things get too heavy.

I’ve never been one to communicate well  verbally, even in happy situations. But when I’m stressed, I can barely communicate at all because my brain is chatting to itself constantly. I just don’t take the time to talk to anyone and a lot of my friendships and relationships get impacted by this. I don’t know how to push aside the overthinking to make room for other conversations, whether they are about what I’m stressed about or not.

The challenge to understand how others stress is difficult. Of course we all have our own problems and of course we all want to help our loved ones when they have problems. But how do we juggle it all? It seems possible to some people, but extremely impossible for me.

Leave me a comment about how stress affects you or how you deal with it!

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10 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Me

  1. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts just so you know. I hate stress and I have it daily. Filling a bucket for a living metaphorically speaking is not fun anymore.


  2. When I’m stressed, like DEFCON Level 1 stressed, I lash out at anyone who slightly complicates the situation/my life further because all my thoughts and energy are focused on resolving the main stressor and I have no \patience or energy remaining to address any additional things. I know, I know, not a healthy reaction to stress. I’m working on it.

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  3. Acceptance is the my best way to deal it. My whole life has mostly been in stresses till now but when I tried to change my outlook it helped me to deal with it. Life is cyclic..believe something good has to come out of it! 🙂

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      1. Yeah that happens but we all have our own coping mechanisms and trying to focus on things which you can control than the ones you can’t may do some help! 🙂

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