You NEED To Be Selfish

It was when I had gotten screwed over in a relationship for the I-don’t-know-how-many-th time that I finally decided to make a change. Whether it was a different guy hurting me or hurting myself by going back to the same guy over and over again, at the end of the day I was hurting.

And that’s when I stopped caring about being selfish.

How many times can someone tell you they’re not going to do something again, then do it again? How many times will you believe them?

You so often care about other people’s feelings, but forget about yourself. And how is that even possible? To forget about the feelings of the actual entity that you are. It seems impossible, but we often allow ourselves to get hurt to save others.

It’s time to save yourself.

Being sad, being broken, being mistreated really isn’t just another part of life. It isn’t something you have to accept. You don’t have to accept anything other than what makes you happy. But we accept the sad, broken, mistreatment because we aren’t thinking of ourselves the way we should be.

Go out and get your happiness. Stomp a few hearts on the way, cut off some friendships, delete the phone numbers and unfollow them on Twitter. If they’re not helping you get where you need to go, they are unnecessary. If you’re being held back, it’s time to start being selfish.

It’s rough, it’s not always the nicest thing to do to the people you love. But how do you expect to take care of them when you can’t take care of yourself? A little selfishness goes a long way.

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14 thoughts on “You NEED To Be Selfish

  1. I learned that its okay to be selfish after my wretched breakup with my ex of 8 years. Throughout the entire relationship, I did everything for his benefit; not for mine, not for the relationship; for him. Not only was that not healthy, I wasn’t even shown any kind of gratitude! My eyes were opened to that point during the break up and now truly feel that its okay to be selfish, even in a loving relationship.

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    1. yes, I went through the same thing! I was just talking to my boyfriend now about how if I was offered an amazing job that moved me out of state I would take it and I would expect him to. It’s a little selfish, but our dreams are worth it.

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  2. I’m just going through the worst breakup, its the worse because I went back to him so many times and I keep thinking how much heartache I could have avoided if I accepted the first break up. If I had told myself from the beginning that I deserved better. This post resembles exactly how I’m feeling right now. Thanks for sharing, it’s definitely time to be selfish. ❤

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    1. I definitely know what you’re going through and how mad you can be at yourself for wasting that time, but if you take it all as a lesson and try to become your best self then the break up just becomes a bump in the road. You definitely deserve better 🙂

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