When Life Gets Boring

I have a lot of plans. I want to go a lot of places, do a lot of things, and just be happy. But life can’t be exciting all the time and I unfortunately have to do a lot of boring things to get to the fun things.

Because you have to work to make money and you have to have money to travel. And you need experience in the job field to get a better job so you have to stay where you are for a couple of years to get there.

And it just puts all of the plans on hold and eventually life gets a little boring.

I have a lot to look forward to. I have vacations planned bi-monthly. I have my weekends booked with fun activities. But it still never seems like enough and the waiting drives me crazy.

What do you do when life gets a little boring? When you feel like you’ve been waking up at 7:00 AM everyday for the past two years and have nothing to show for it. Like you’ve just been a zombie.

Of course it’s not true, I’ve done plenty of things. My life is not boring and exciting things are on their way. And most of the time it’s not a problem, I enjoy everything I’m doing on a daily basis. But sometimes life gets boring and I just want to fast forward to the fun parts, which is no way to live. Just flying through life to get to the excitement, just working for the weekend.

What do you do when life gets boring?

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15 thoughts on “When Life Gets Boring

  1. I just looked around my office today and noted how bored everyone looks including myself. I would move to say most are here for the money. I find happiness here in talking to coworkers, and I keep myself pretty busy outside of work. yet, I know I’m moving toward MORE – something more fulfilling, and lucrative if I have my way!

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  2. I have always had to have a very “straight” job so that I could have health insurance because of serious, chronic illnesses. But even though my working history leaves a lot to be desired, the rest of my life doesn’t. I have always looked at where I lived as my home base and planned trips and travels so that there was always something to look forward to. I also went back to school a bunch of times and took classes that I wanted to, including vocal performance. The best advice that I can give anyone, now that I’m stuck in bed 24/7 because of these illnesses, is that you should never wait for “some day.” If you want to do something, do it. Don’t wait for anyone else. Research, plan, save, get a passport, make foreign friends. Never do nothing. Try to keep a sense of humor.

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