Montreal Advice Needed!

Hi guys!

At the end of the month I will be heading to Montreal and seriously can’t wait!! I have a loose itinerary of what we will be doing, but I’d love to get some suggestions from anyone who has ever been there or lives there!

We will be staying in downtown Montreal. I would love suggestions for things to do as well as your favorite bars and restaurants.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!



6 thoughts on “Montreal Advice Needed!

  1. Hey Rosie. Montreal is one of my fav places in Canada and I’ve been afew times. If you haven’t decided on a hotel AirBnB right in the middle of downtown Montreal near St. Catherine’s street is the perfect place to be. It was handy to be able to have our own place and keep groceries in the fridge for breakfast and snacks.

    For restaurants it’s too hard to say there are so many with such good food, you just have to read the menus outside and choose. Most of the restaurants are around St. Catherine’s street and in Old Montreal. In Old Montreal there is a pouteine restaurant that is wonderful and if you can find a restaurant with crepes, those are two genuine Montreal/French-Canadian dishes to try.

    Otherwise, any restaurant is good depending on what you like.

    Also, if you don’t already know buy a Metro card/pass for a week it goes all over the city is and is your best option for fast and cheap travel 🙂 Easy to figure out as well.

    To see —St. Catherine’s street for shopping – go to Simon’s a Canadian Department store I know you will like and there is also a Canadian run boutique called 1861 ( and it’s a very interesting store with a Victorian influence but in a good way.

    Old Montreal — Shops, restaurants and go down to the harbor, there is a place their you can get a tour of the St. Lawrence and Montreal from a boat which us awesome, the boat is a smaller one and comes with a free drink – wine/beer etc.
    — This is great as well an old Montreal food tour I’ve done –

    — right on the St. Lawrence is the Bota Bota spa in a huge boat if you want to pamper yourself in old Montreal by the harbour this is the place 🙂

    The Musee Dex Beaux Arts – always lots to see there, just check out what exhibit they are showing as well as the Notre Dame Basilica nearby.

    McGill University — it’s all up hill put a beautiful place will buildings and great scenery. A nice campus

    — July –just for laughs comedy festival and farmers markets –depending on the time of year — better in summer when there is more baked goods and fresh produce, jewelry and that kind of thing

    — if you want to relax in the underground shopping from St.Catherine’s street there is a movie theatre.

    — many bars, pubs which are so fun
    — I always liked pub crawls and this company does a fun one
    Pubcrawl Montreal

    — as well this link shows some of the best bars in Montreal, I’ve been to quite a few of these and loved them

    Hope that helps. If you follow Marquessa she is from there and could tell you more places exact bars/restaurants etc.

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  2. My better half used to work in Montreal. You need to try Dunns smoked meat spaghetti – actually any Montreal smoked meat in a sandwich or anything is pretty awesome. Also, you’ll find the same rice pudding served everywhere which is delicious! Old Montreal has many excellent restaurants and cobble stone walkways which make you feel like you are in Europe. Mount Royal is the mountain in the middle of Montreal and there is a look out where you can see the entire city from it – very beautiful especially at night. Place des Arts for performing arts. For shopping try Boulevard René-Lévesque or Rue Sainte-Catherine West. Or check out the underground city for shopping. Pretty much everywhere in Montreal is awesome especially downtown. It is hopping and full of people out and about. You are going to have an epic time. One of my most favourite cities! Have fun!

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