Portland, Maine Advice Needed!

Every time I finish up a trip, I have another one already booked and in need of planning! We’ll be heading to Portland, Maine in the next coming weeks and would love any tips from someone who has been there!

Looking for ideas on things to see, unique spots as well as landmarks. Looking for places to eat (big fans of brunch if you have any suggestions there). And looking for some low key bars to visit at night. Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance!



6 thoughts on “Portland, Maine Advice Needed!

  1. We were there in 2013, but just for the day. We ate breakfast at Becky’s Diner, which is apparently a real Portland icon. They’ve had a bunch of celebrities, including presidents, eat there. It was good – but really just sort of a blue collar diner with a good breakfast menu. It’s in kind of a nice location, not far from the old part of town. We walked around down there, it was nice. Otherwise, I don’t have any other tips. – info from a contact – Have fun!

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  2. Portland is an amazing little city. RiRa is a great pub with live music. For brunch, hot suppa is amazing! For things to do, take a sail on a schooner, or a ferry ride to one of the islands. Several museums and art galleries too. My favorite city of all!

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