You’re Not The Exception

Everyone likes to think that they’re special, I’m guilty of it too.

Every relationship I’ve had I always thought that I was the exception. That no one would ever cheat on me, break up with me, or get over me. Because I was special. I’ve felt this way even when I’m lacking self confidence.

The books I read growing up were always about impossible love stories including a timid girl who was plain and not the type to get the boy she was pawing for…except the fact that she was special. And with my nose in these books, I knew that I was pretty plain and nothing to write home about. But my mind, my soul, they were all different and deserving.

And it’s okay to feel special, to feel pride in yourself and love yourself. But it’s not okay to think you’re better than anyone or to think you’re the exception.

Someone will break your heart, someone will pass you up and hire someone else, someone will not think you’re special. It’s just the way the world works. Some people will hate the aspects of you that you think are great. And there will be no rhyme or reason, you can’t be perfect for everyone.

You’re not the exception to any rule no matter who you are. The entitlement we often feel will just lead to disappointment because no matter how special you think you are and even how special someone tells you you are – someone will hurt you. They will forget about the special or never see it at all.

To someone, someday. you will be very very special. But you’re not the exception, you’re the rule, and that will save you a lot of ache.

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8 thoughts on “You’re Not The Exception

  1. We are all unique human beings so, in that way we can, I believe be construed as being special. You are, however right that noone is indispensable. The caravan of life, relationships etc moves on even though we think it won’t! Kevin

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  2. Interesting post! I think the idea that you can be as perfect as you like and others will still let you down is very important. Too often people bend over backwards thinking that they won’t be treated badly as long as they’re a bit skinnier/friendlier/etc. It’s the person doing the bad treatment who has the problem.

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  3. In as much as there’s nothing new under the Sun, we are all unique in our individual ways as well as our perceptions and opinions thus even when there are no exceptions, differing situations in a relationship make it peculiar to that individual.

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  4. You are special when you feel it from inside. If it comes with expectations then you are feeling from the eyes of other person. Anyone in this world can reject you but you on the inside cannot reject yourself, because you know you are the best! When that state comes you accept people reaction but that doesn’t effect you anymore because you are no more dependent on them for your love and happiness! You should read biopic of ‘Muhammad Ali’ the legendary American boxer…he always believed he was the best but that doesn’t he was full of pride…you have believe inside …not for grades..not for people…! But it was a great topic to share…keep up! 🙂

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