Losing Motivation

Lately, the goals I’ve set for myself have become harder and harder to reach. That could push some into working harder and hungrier to complete their list, but for me it’s just a disappointment.

I know numbers and milestones don’t mean everything in life, but they are a good motivator to always strive to be your best self. When those things don’t budge, it becomes easier to focus on all the things that are wrong rather than the many things that are right.

I’ve always been a big supporter of making goals to keep life interesting, even if it’s just very tiny attainable goals that will boost your ego a bit. And I’ve been making what I thought were attainable goals, but I still can’t seem to hit them. The thought of lowering the standards is depressing on top of the bummer it is that I can’t hit any of my goals in the  first place.

I’m losing motivation and I just need to suck it up and accept the fact that I need to go back to the basics, like I have to do with many things in my life right now. Because once I get into this funk there’s no way I can get out of it just by continuing down the same path. Sometimes we just have to admit defeat and start over, sometimes these experiences can be humbling, but they mostly just suck.

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48 thoughts on “Losing Motivation

      1. Permanency is a matter of perspective. Nothing in this world is permanent. So why bother for some brief road blocks. Just take a detour. Ultimately all of us will arrive at the same goal.

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  1. Don’t burn yourself out and be proud of all you have already achieved. Life is full of twists and turns – take it from this much older lady πŸ™‚

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  2. Rosie I feel you on this one! Quite often when I think I’m getting g ahead I fall flat in my face again and it’s ok! You see we have this misconception that progress goes up like a straight line. Wit in reality it’s more of a zig zag. We get up we fall down we get up we fall down. But you ARE improving even if it doesn’t seem that way.

    Marta Justyna

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  3. Rosie you’re not alone on this one. I’ll start by saying, learn to set SMART goals.
    S- specific
    M- measurable
    A- attainable
    R- realistic
    T- time bound
    Secondly, I know goals are not cast on stones, but if you feel your goals are SMART, Don’t give up on them. Even when you feel like you are losing, take a break from them, just relax, re-strategize. Work things out in your head before going physical. It’s all in the head. I don’t believe in giving up. My goals are like mountains I must climb, I’ll get to the top no matter what, its just a matter of time. Great inventors found their break through tough.
    I inspire on http://www.kingdien.com

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  4. This is so true with me too. I have been so out of focus of late for many reasons. And it is so so so true that the only way back is to going back to basics. Also recently I came across an article by Mark Mason who spoke to a great length about “the defense of being average” Check it out. I believe you will like it.

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  5. Ride the wave! I think we are always so hard on ourselves to be striving for greatness and our goals, which is important for the majority of the time…but some days just suck a little bit and its good sit in that feeling, take stock, re-evaluate and then most importantly, after you have conserved a bit of energy or thought of a new approach, then get back on it and keep going. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, as long as we just keep moving πŸ™‚

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  6. Such an honest post, thanks for making this! I attempt to set goals about uni work all the time and don’t reach them. Definetly need to start setting more realsitic goals so I don’t feel so bad about myself all the time!

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