I Don’t Understand Satisfied People

I always want change. I want to go places, do things and keep the ball rolling. I want to know a majority of what life has to offer. I don’t want to settle down, the thought of getting married and buying a house and dedicating myself to one thing for a long time is simply terrifying,

And I don’t understand people who are just satisfied. People who have a couple of kids, buy a house, and intend to stay there for 20 years. People who work at the same job their whole life. People who don’t use up their PTO or use it to go to the same place they’ve been 100 times before.

In a way, I wish I could be satisfied. I’m sure it’s easier when it comes to decision making and just in general finding happiness. But I just don’t understand people who settle down and don’t see any problem with it. Do they not get jealous of the people who are all over the world, the people who aren’t tied down?

I could just get back from an awesome trip and scroll through my Instagram feed and get antsy all over again. I just want more and while I’m happy for anyone who is happy, I just don’t get satisfied people.

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21 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand Satisfied People

  1. I am 47 almost 48 years old and I think some people enjoy being settled in life and career for stability sake. The longest I have held a job was 8 years and I am currently in the market for a new career. Once you find that place of peace you will get it.

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  2. You don’t have to understand it. You just have to be you. They just have to be them. Some of us get to do both. That’s the best of both worlds. A nest, but wings. You’re still very young too, so as you get older, meet someone, are in a long-term relationship, you’re priorities may change. And that’s ok too. No matter what, you just have to be you. What everybody else does is inconsequential.

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      1. I was just like you at that age. Wanderlust, not tied down, coming and going on a whim. Then I met the woman who’d become my wife. Still did all of the coming and going, just together. Then we decided to create a life, and it led to three. We still do adventures, just different ones. Wouldn’t change it for the world. But that doesn’t matter. It’s your story. Make sure you write your chapters the way YOU want.

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  3. Actually I wish I was like them too. they are happy and nothing bothers them. Having a very high ambition sometimes i feel is detrimental to our health. But I do believe you are born with the quality of being easily satisfied.

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  4. Neither do I! I always wonder how a settled life can be actually satisfying?! Maybe I wouldn’t want to crave more for money or materialistic things..but like traveling or any other dreams…it’s never ending for me! 😁

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  5. I could never stay in one place for too long. I used to think this was something I need to work on, and perhaps shows a lack of commitment or I could never be satisfied. Thing is, there are so many places out there to be explored, so I guess it’s not a bad thing to want to new adventures =) On the other hand, I do envy people who are absolutely peaceful and happy with their life, that they don’t feel they need to change =)

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  6. Hi Rosie,

    you are doing a great job on your blog. I have similar opinion like you. I believe that we should be satisfied in our life, always, because happiness is not destination it is spirit state, but we should we have to make progress from day to day. The main question is what we want.

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