Do People Really Get What They Deserve?

I pretty much believe in karma. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to believe it in more. Mostly because I want to believe that the kindness I put out will find it’s way back to me. It’s a little selfish, but I’m also doing my part to make the world a little nicer.

But I know a lot of bad people. People who have betrayed, lied, and broken other people without care. And then I’ve gone on to see them live perfectly happy lives.

Is it fair?

Is it fair to the people that they betrayed, lied to, and ripped apart? While some of us have been put in the position of piecing their lives back together, the person who committed the crime walked free.

No one is 100% guiltless, but I don’t think we all deserve the hand we’re given. And I think bad people also get away with too much. So I believe in karma, but I also know life isn’t fair.

Unless at some point everyone really does end up getting  what they deserve and we just don’t always get to see the results? It’s a bitter pill to swallow that no matter what you do, life may not sway in your favor.

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11 thoughts on “Do People Really Get What They Deserve?

  1. This is a question, I think, that has been pondered throughout the entirety of human existence. Unfortunately, there are people who get away with atrocious acts, but there are also people that make the decision to stand against injustice and assist those that have been harmed. Thankfully, there are good people too, because they are the ones that soften the blows dealt from the bad people.

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  2. Rosie, I think the “Do Unto Others . . .” Or Karma rule is very often true in life. But sadly it isn’t always and terrible people go through lifesometimes without a conscience for the hurt they caused others. So my addendum to Karma and “Do Unto Others” is that we all don’t live forever and b/c I’m a Christian we believe God will hold us all accountable for our sins on Judgement day.

    The truth of the matter is that everyone is sinful and does/did wrong things but God forgives those who believe in Him and his son Jesus who died on the cross, so all sin is forgiven and a person’s slate wipped clean. Now a person who’s had a terrible life could have very well repent and change their ways having belief in Jesus, but this would not come w/o a great deal of soul searching, regret, pain, and consequences in life first even though faith in Jesus means forgiveness in Heaven.

    However, a great deal if people who commit these crimes and don’t believe in God, they do as they wish, without regard to others and suffer later in life from their crimes but also as a Christin would believe, in death. Since Jesus is not there to be an intermediary, as an awful person probably had no faith in Him, the person is judged by God for their sins, for ignoring their conscience, society, whatever chance they had to be saved, and every sin they committed. So yes many evil people receive their due in Hell, completely cut off from God.

    I dint mean toget all liturgical on you but I believe this is the truth. And somewhere there’s a line “God Will Give Me Justice.”

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