Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes the only way to do the things that need to get done to be happy is by stepping out of your comfort zone. And I don’t think we often think about that as a way to happiness. Because I know for me, stepping out of my comfort zone gives me anxiety and makes me feel absolutely horrible. But the reward for doing so could be the happiness I’m missing.

There are so many things that we don’t do, but kind of want to do, because it doesn’t feel comfortable to us. We don’t go places alone, we don’t try new foods, we don’t go new places. Because we’re afraid of being alone, uneasy about eating something weird, and scared of being somewhere unfamiliar.

But if you have no one to go with to see your favorite band, will you go alone or not go at all? Are you missing out on something that will potentially be fun, your new favorite place, your new favorite food, or hobby?

Even if it’s a little painful, sometimes we have to take the risks to get the reward. Sometimes you have to force and claw your way out of your comfort zone, because you might find happiness there.

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16 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  1. This is something I need to work on more. I am always afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone because of the anxiety it causes. However, every time I’ve done something out of my comfort zone, I was so happy that I did it.

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  2. I’ve gotten to a point in my life, where I literally weigh if I’m comfortable with the associated risk or not. Most of the time I am not.

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  3. Totally agree with you! Looking back I probably have some regrets about not trying things or going places because it was outside of my comfort zone. I actually find peace now in occasionally dining by myself.

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  4. Nice post! I definitely agree with this! Remember the moment we step out of our comfort zone is the moment we realise that there is more to life than the comfort zone. Thus, we then realise how many opportunities out there we can enjoy to get on the adventures life will offer us šŸ™‚

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  5. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. I have been doing anything that is uncomfortable for me as soon as i feel the internal resistance. And now I have started intentionally putting myself in uncomfortable situations. Right now, I go for salsa at random people’s place where I know absolutely no one. And to interact with a group of people who already have their clique is as uncomfortable as it gets for me! So you go girl!!

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  6. Just recently found your blog – nice to meet you, Rosie. This was the first post I stumbled upon and it’s something I can truly relate to. We live in a paradox, where FOMO from social media and the desire to remain in one’s comfort zones co-exist. They are endlessly in conflict with one another.
    We need to figure out how to reconcile these.
    Thank you, and hope to see you around again!

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