Post Travel Blues

On the last day of my trip, there is always a little bit of excitement. I’m excited to sleep in my own bed again, have access to all of my things, see my friends and family. But as I sit in traffic on the last leg of the trip home, I overwhelmingly feel dread.

Traveling is such an amazing experience. To me, it is all about experiencing new cultures and places. To me, it’s about finding new places that I could potentially call home one day. Some trips leave me with less dread than others, some locations could just simply never be home. But the ones I get emotionally attached to are so hard to leave.

Because I’m leaving them to come home to a place I’m not exactly thrilled about. And I’m immediately thrown back into the real world of bills, work, and mediocrity. Traveling doesn’t always feel like a vacation where I can put my butt in the sand and not move for 5 days and come home feeling relaxed. But it is always a vacation from real life.

The post travel blues hit me hard for a couple of days, it’s like jet lag, and then eventually I adjust. Then I begin counting down the days until I can put that out of office up again and feel free for a while. That’s what paid time off is for, right?

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18 thoughts on “Post Travel Blues

  1. I feel ya on the post travel blues. I always am so excited to get home and see my cats but then I dread getting back into my normal work routine after a great vacation. 😔 lol at least until I start planning for the next vacation.

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  2. The post travel blues are so real!! I went travelling in America for three months last year and by the end I was so excited to go home, sleep in my own bed, and see family. After about a week I started getting that “I don’t belong here I belong out there” feeling! Just makes you more motivated to book a trip!

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  3. Love this post! Before going travelling I laughed at the idea of post-travel blues as I couldn’t imagine loving anywhere more than home and ended up struggling through my days upon my return! Crazy how freedom makes you realise that you weren’t that free to begin with 🌝

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  4. Facts, Rosie. I suffer from this, every time I come back to New York . I used to dread it a lot when I knew I had to come back to go to work the next day, but now that I’m retired, it’s worse! I wrote a post about it last year . Give it a look when you get the chance . Thanks for the follow btw. https://

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