Completed Fall Bucket List

It’s cold af out and definitely winter. I thoroughly enjoyed the fall weather this year and made the best of it while I could. I am so so so so not looking forward to winter, it’s my least favorite season – but also the one I plan the most trips for. Here is everything I did this fall:

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Make apple sauce
  3. Go pumpkin picking
  4. Visit 3 out of state locations
    New York, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas
  5. Go hiking in 2 places
    Woops…maybe in the spring!
  6. Make plans with my friends!
  7. 6,200 Instagram followers
  8. 2,000 WordPress followers
  9. Go to 2 concerts
    Nightmare Before Christmas Live and Brand New!
  10. Downsize the amount of stuff I have
  11. Go toย Storm King
  12. Read half of the Vampire Academy series
  13. Finish a knitting project
  14. Get back into shape

All in all, I did pretty well this season! Tell me one fun thing you did in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Completed Fall Bucket List

  1. Good for you, looks like you did most of them! Something I always think poignant in stuff like this, is to think: how many would I have gotten completed if I hadnโ€™t made the list? Freakinโ€™ love lists ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I do most of my best writing and poetry during the winter and eagerly look forward to the spring to get out and about. Luckily my house has two stories so during the winter I still get exercise going up and down my stairs.

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