What Is It Like To Live In The Present?

I know a lot of people who live in the past. They are always talking about high school memories, posting #tbts, and generally just getting by on the life they already lived.

I tend to live in the future. I always want to know my next step, where I can go next, and planning for the years to come. I have a laundry list of things I want to do and I have to wait for time to pass to do them.

It makes living in the present really hard. I’m almost always worried about what’s to come. I enjoy moments, but day to day is nearly impossible. Every day is just a day closer to something I actually want to be doing. It makes life very tedious and repetitive.

What’s it like to live in the present? I know it’s not easy for most people, they either live in the past or in the future (like me) – or they do a mix of both! Which I am certainly guilty of sometimes. What is it like to enjoy the day you’re in without worrying about what you’ve done in the past and what you have yet to do in the future?

Some things that have helped to ground me are making lists of what I am grateful for that day. Another is making the most out of every day – but that really isn’t easy to do when you’re overtired from work and just want to lay in bed.

Do you have any tips on living in the present?

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14 thoughts on “What Is It Like To Live In The Present?

  1. Hi Rosie,

    that is million dollar question. It’s not something that will come to you suddenly, you must work on it. We all have times when we live in the past or in the future, that is normal.But you can say that you have a problem when you live the most of your time in past/future.

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  2. You are doing wonderfully! Living in the present requires us to strengthen the (imaginary) “coming back” muscle…so that once you find yourself drifting, you are able to pull yourself back to the present with more and more ease.

    I find using my 5 senses helps me stay present (tuning in and appreciating hot tea, lotion, music, etc)

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  3. Living in the moment is really hard. Even if you love your job, most days are rather mundane. You wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, and get ready for bed. I guess the best way to live in the present is to start appreciating the little things more. Instead of just waiting for the weekend or your next big vacation, start enjoying the small things that make you happy. Like taking a bubble bath or finishing a book or treating yourself to a cupcake for lunch.

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  4. Recently starting a meditation practice has helped me stay present. Also crafty stuff helps, like knitting and sculpting. Staying present is so hard when you live in a future oriented society. Sometimes it feels like it’s all about the deadlines, the paycheck, the lack, etc.

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    1. It does feel like that! I have been trying to get back into knitting, but the project I’m working on has been at a stand still lol I think I just need to apply a little more effort into the little things in my life


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