My Trip To The Azores!

I’m back and ready to tell you about my trip to Terceira Island, which is part of the Azores. The Azores are a group of islands off of Portugal and belong to Portugal. I’m sure in Europe they are widely known, but most people from America that I’ve spoken to had never heard about the islands.

To be honest, we hadn’t either when we booked it! We book most of our big trips through Groupon and get great deals, this specific trip went through Groupon to Azores Getaways who helped us plan our transportation, tours, and basically helped us communicate with the hotel and such since we don’t speak Portuguese.

Mostly everyone on the island spoke English and it was extremely easy to get around. Everything was also veryyyy inexpensive. They pay in Euros and their main dishes include fish and beef. It’s an island so lots of fish and they also have a ton of cows. I got a tuna steak with potatoes and veggies for only $13. It was crazy good and crazy cheap.

Things we did:

  1. Bus tour around the island where we got to go to the best view points and explore the other city.
  2. Walking tour of the city we were staying in, Angra Do Heroismo.
  3. Tour of the volcanoes and walking through the lava tubes.
  4. Whale watching – we saw a lot of dolphins and a lot of sea sick people!

Places we ate:

  1. Most notably (and the most referred to us) – Beira Mar had the best seafood and we tried barnacles here!

My favorite parts:

  1. Terceira is green all year round due to the humidity!
  2. The cows are everywhere and soooo cute.
  3. The seafood couldn’t be beat.
  4. Our hotel, Terceira Mar, had an ocean view from every room.
  5. The buildings are so colorful, they’re all works of art.

The Azores are becoming a more and more popular tourist destination, a lot like Iceland. I suggest you try to go to one of the islands in the next few years while you can still enjoy the local flavor! πŸ™‚

You can see some more photos on my Instagram. Have you ever been to any islands in the Azores?

23 thoughts on “My Trip To The Azores!

  1. I’m half portuguese and I’ve explored much of the mainland, but the Azores and Madeira have always been on my list. I really enjoyed raeding about your experiences, it makes me that much more excited to go there one day and make memories of my own!

    Too bad I live in Europe and can’t use groupon 😦 but maybe I’ll find something similar here!

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    1. I didn’t go see any of the other islands! There are only ferries to the other islands in the warmer months (not sure if they’ll be running when you’re there but they weren’t when I was). So the only way would’ve been by plane, but I heard Sao Miguel would be one of the bests to check out. Hope you enjoy your trip and let me know if you have any questions about Terceira! πŸ™‚


  2. I am absolutely in love with these islands! Visited them two times already, first like you, we stayed on Terceira and now, just a few weeks back on Flores and a little bit on Pico. Still need to return though! Nice to read that people are starting to discover these green bits of wonder! πŸ™‚

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      1. All of them are so different! The locals rank Flores as the most beautiful, and it is very pretty indeed, especially when it comes to nature and the way of life on the island. I think Terceira is also a very interesting one, and especially the villages there were heart warmingly cute! We only had 23 hours to spend on Pico, so I am not too educated to say, but it definitely left us curious! πŸ™‚

        If you are interested, all my posts on the Azores are here:

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      2. Indeed, the guides were right. Flores is very calm, there are only ~3700 inhabitants living there, so you really get the community feel. SΓ£o Miguel starts to be more civilized and also touristic, more services, etc. But I share the ambition, need to visit them all! πŸ™‚ Sometimes it is just difficult to leave the place behind!

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