5 Thoughts You Have When Moving In With Your Significant Other

1. But what if we break up?

Call me a cynic, but my first thought was what if something really dramatic happens and we break up and we get stuck in this lease????

2. Will we get sick of each other?

Right now it feels really inconvenient to not live with each other, but maybe we’ll find out that there is really such a thing as too much time together.

3. Am I going to have to give up my alone time?

I’ve expressed my need for alone time often to my boyfriend so I’m not that worried about it…but we’ll see.

4. How big of a next step is this really?

I was kind of like yeah moving in together will be convenient, but other people are like ooooh are you getting a ring soon?

5. It’s not really that big of a deal.

Some people will feel like it’s a big deal, but for me it’s just a way to make our relationship better. Sure, all of the above are concerns. But things happen and maybes can’t keep you from diving in to something that will make you happy!

Any advice for couples who are moving in together? Leave it below!

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26 thoughts on “5 Thoughts You Have When Moving In With Your Significant Other

  1. Moving in together is a totally new chapter in your relationship – but a good one! It will give you two the chance to grow together and form closer bonds with one another.
    If you break up – well, you break up. However, most lease agreements are only for a year. If you feel that you could potentially break up within a year, I would question moving in together in the first place. You should be fine. If anything, re-asses the relationship after a year to see if it’s worth signing another one.
    You may get sick of each other from time to time, but that’s where the alone time comes in! And alone time is VERY important – for the both of you. It’s a balance. When you start to get on one another’s nerves, go for a walk. Have a sleep over at a friends place, or just hang out in different rooms for a while.
    When I moved in with my boyfriend, I was super excited. I couldn’t wait to have our own place, our own space and our own things. It is a big step because there’s more responsibility involved but that’s how people grow. We lived together for almost 10 years and he never put a ring on it. Who cares what other people are saying! Just enjoy things one step at a time.
    You two will be fine. Just make sure you set ground rules:
    Share the chores / cleaning around the house/apartment. BOTH of you need to do dishes, mop floors and clean toilets – not just you.
    Respect each other’s tastes in decorative things (my boyfriend and I battled constantly over how we should decorate our house – I eventually gave him his own ‘man cave’ to decorate). Compromise is key.
    Best of luck! Stay positive and don’t worry so much. Just go with the flow – rise the wave and go where life takes you. That’s the best way to enjoy it!

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  2. you have to follow your gut but like everything else in your life, you never know what’s going to happen. Someone leaving their laundry on the floor might make you want to stab them in the neck one day. Living with someone reveals the little but important quirks. The better you know the other, the safer the bet

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  3. I relate to 5 so much. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and everyone kept saying what a big step in the relationship it was. But I didn’t see it that way. I just thought of it as a natural progression to our relationship. It made the most sense for where we were. I know for me that there were a few kinks that needed to be worked out when we initially moved in together but everything came together and I do not regret the decision one bit. Good luck and enjoy it. It’s fun to have your bf turn into your roommate.

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  4. I think maintaining good quality alone time is essential. I’ve known many couples (including my past relationships) where people lose their personal space and sense of individual identity.

    In saying that it’s such an important step of a relationship journey…I wish you both all the best! 😊

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  5. Such a relatable post! My boyfriend and I moved in together a little over a month ago. We aren’t sick of each other yet. And I really do love coming home to him especially since before we were doing the long distance thing. I think splitting the work is really important. I usually cook and do laundry and he handles the dishes, trash and some other things.

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    1. Ah that’s good! I think it’ll be so comforting to not have to worry about when we can hang out or who’s sleeping where. We’ve already chatted about splitting the work but I hate cleaning so we’ll have to see how that goes lol

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  6. The best advice I ever got was try to get a 2 bedroom place if you’re looking for a place to live together. That way you each can have your own space just in case (anything from opposing schedules to a fight) and there’s the sexy upside of inviting each other over for the night. If that works for a year, then you can consider sharing a 1 bedroom

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  7. Congrats girl!! I haven’t ever lived with a SO before so I don’t have any advice from experience, but I can’t wait to hear how you like it and your apartment when you move in… I am sure it’ll go great, and I can’t wait to read your articles about it! πŸ™‚

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  8. Try not to turn into roommates (if that makes sense). Don’t lose your relationship. That caused a horrible breakup between me and my ex (amongst other things). Also, everyone has their own idiosyncrasies. Tune into his and get used to them (even if they make you bonkers). Remember: you love him, dirty dishes, smelly socks, and all.

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      1. Yeah. Fella does that too. Any time I see him in the act, I acknowledge it, usually by saying ‘stop chewing on yourself,’ in a playful way, and he stops. Nail biters don’t realize they’re doing it half the time.

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  9. Ah I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 6 months now, I had all of these thoughts and alot of the time I thought… Is this too much of a big step… But it is convenient. We don’t get sick of eachother because we both obviously go to work, he goes out with his mates and I go out with mine and at the end of the day we’re glad to see eachother. I still get a pretty good amount of alone time as I finish work at 3 and he finishes at half 5. We kind of split the chores evenly but I definitely do more, which I’m ok with. You’ll both find a routine/things that’ll work for you both πŸ™‚

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