When A Bad Day Gets Worse

Yes, I know, when it rains, it pours. But recently for me it feels more like when it rains, it monsoons.

There’s so much advice thrown around on days like this. A lot of “it will get better!” and “think positively!”. But my advice to you on a day like this is to just accept how much it sucks. Because it does suck and you’re allowed to just have a terrible day and wallow in how terrible it is.

Should that attitude last forever? No. And it will get better and if you continue to think negatively then it will negatively impact your life. But for today, everything sucks and everyone can shut up.

When a bad day gets worse, it’s best to just accept how truly bad it is and just laugh at how much has gone wrong. I’m not usually laughing in a oh-this-day-was-so-funny kind of way but more of a my-life-is-a-complete-joke kind of way and that’s just fine. Deal with it how you have to deal with it. If that’s with a bowl of queso or two or a glass of wine or five then DO IT.

You’re allowed to have bad days and just let them be bad. We’re human and this week totally sucks.

22 thoughts on “When A Bad Day Gets Worse

  1. I am pretty sure advice like “snap out of it”, “just be happy” doesn’t work. Watching someone be depressed is hard. We want to do something because we feel powerless.
    Tough. Maybe embracing the suckage is best.

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  2. Some days I have to go to bed and just think, “Let the committee of sleep work on it because I can’t anymore.” Doesn’t make everything better bit allows me a break and a new perspective sometimes in how to move forward. Because sometimes life just stinks.

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  3. 67 years on this planet has taught me if there is one thing which is going to make you come near to causing harm to someone, it’s them saying something like ‘Cheer up’ or ‘Be Happy’.
    I’ve settled for ‘Keep on keeping on’

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