How I Budget

I’m not really a finance person at all, but when I first moved into my parents house I realized I had to save and fast to be able to move out on my own.

I’m not a budgeting expert, but I do use a budget sheet to help me mind my finances. I track my bank account starting point, what I get in each paycheck, and what I pay for bills each month. Those things I have to pay regularly so I track it to know what amount I know I have to have each month.

Then I track my extra expenses for a few months just to get a good idea of what I’m spending on gas, shopping, trips, gifts, and going out to eat. This way I can see where I need to take a step back. I estimate what I’ll spend at the beginning of each month so I can actually budget for it, but then I track what I actually spent to keep it in mind for next month.

Lastly, I end each sheet with the ending balance and decide how much I can put into savings. I make short and long-term life goals that have to do with saving, working out, etc.

I print this sheet out every month and write on it because to me writing on it helps me remember. I keep it in my planner for those of you who are also crazy about scheduling. I posted my budget sheet on my Instagram so I thought I’d make it available here for download – it’s only a jpg so it can’t be typed on, but you print it out and write on it or use it as a jumping off point to make your own sheet on word! Let me know in the comments if you budget.

Download the budget sheet here!


5 thoughts on “How I Budget

  1. Hello Rosie this is a great Budget Sheet you have. I do have to budget or else I’ll think I have a whole bunch of extra money to spend. It’s definitely helpful in planning!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah I mostly use this for tracking purposes and it really helps with my spending. Thank you! I have moved out, but I just moved into a new place and am really trying to save after all of the expenses of getting a new apt! 🙂

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