Letting Stress Get The Best Of You

I am a continuously stressed out person. I normally don’t get worked up over small things, but I do get worked up over small things that keep building up higher and higher and I also really feed off other people’s stress. I’m not usually worried until someone else is worried, and when you work at a 9-5 job pretty much everyone is stressed all the time. So now I am stressed all the time.

And it’s really gotten the best of me lately. So much so, I developed an eye twitch for over two weeks – it’s starting to go away for anyone who has been following my complaints on Instagram. I have awfully vivid dreams and don’t sleep well at night. I get migraines that knock me on my butt for hours at a time. All of this from stress and not managing it correctly.

I have things that make me feel happy and organized. I’m a list maker, I plan trips to keep my wanderlust at bay, I have a gratitude journal, I organize my plans far in advance. And yet it still doesn’t seem to be enough in this postgrad world of mine.

I want to put the fun back into life – but even the fun things cause stress now. Everything needs to be scheduled, put in the planner. When unexpected things come up – fun or not so fun – it is a total drain on my energy.

What are your tips for dealing with stress and not letting life weigh too heavily on you? Leave me comments – I always appreciate advice! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Letting Stress Get The Best Of You

  1. I wish I had good advice to give you. I wish I knew the magic formulae. All I can do is root for you and believe, quite strongly, that you’ll work it out.
    As for letting other people’s stress get to you….do your best to deflect it. Sounds easy (and for some people it is) but it takes practice.

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  2. I would say you need a trip to your physician and possibly a nutritionist. Just to make sure you have no deficiencies. Breathing, stretch walk. Avoid negative people and news on TV.
    I suffer with stress to but I’ve come a long way in managing it. Good luck.

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  3. I like to get busy doing a lot of things… Productive of course *wink. This brings with it a lot of stress as I juggle many areas of life. Lately I am learning to simply just drop everything and relax. Have a day that you don’t do the serious things of life… Watch a good movie and then go to bed early even if there is so much to do. You are refreshed and ready to go when well rested. Take things easy…life goes on. Hugs

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  4. I’m terrible at giving advice because I hardly follow it myself. Typical, ha! Just know that I’m rooting for you and sending you all of the healing vibes from New Zealand. I think it’s natural to absorb the stress of others when you’re around them in close quarters, like a 9-5, but you definitely need to set up wee barriers so you can protect yourself! For now, I recommend a nice, fruity tea, a bath and a good book. Just disconnect, even if it’s just for an hour.


    1. It is linked ☺️ thank you for the advice! I had tried to make a plan to disconnect every single night whether it was to have dinner without tv, a bath, reading instead scrolling through Instagram, etc. but I haven’t been doing too well at it. I convinced myself that Netflix is a destresser but I really need to try more productive/unplugged ways to destress

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  5. It’s the small things that I get worked up over and cannot seem to let them go. It will eat away until I snap at everyone and am in a terrible mood. Completely ruins my day. I’ve already disconnected and it’s things like so and so just got married, had a baby, is travelling, is pregnant etc. That stresses me out. I’m happier when I’m in Lalaland missing out on what everyone else is doing.

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  6. Usually when I’m stressed out I do a high cardio workout at the gym. You sweat it out and release a good amount of anger or stress. Also if you have pets I just spend time with them whether it’s watching a show and cuddling with them or taking them for a long walk now that it’s spring

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      1. Believe me it helps. Some people say that dogs can sense sadness or anxiety so they cuddle with you. Well at least my dog can lol. But just having a living thing acknowledge you helps a lot. Good luck with your new pup!

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