My Completed Winter Bucket List

Is spring actually going to come soon because I’m SO sick of the cold! I managed to get most of my bucket list done for winter, even hitting my Instagram followers goal (for now at least) which is always tough for me! Check it out below.

  1. Go to Terceira Island!
    Read about it here
  2. Finish 2 books
  3. Learn to knit/crochet a blanket
  4. Go somewhere by myself
  5. Find a new apartment
  6. Move out
  7. Become a better runner
    Probably time to accept this will never happen….
  8. 6,500 Instagram followers
  9. 2,500 WordPress followers
    Only 60 away πŸ™‚
  10. 1,000 Twitter followers
    I don’t know why I made this goal lol wayyyy out of reach!
  11. Plan a weekend trip
    We went to Orlando!
  12. Become more present

What’s one thing you’ve accomplished this winter?

30 thoughts on “My Completed Winter Bucket List

  1. Aww, running is rough. Do you have a definition of what being a better runner is? I’m still at the stage where if I go for a run, I’m pretty proud of myself, haha.

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      1. Have you tried alternating running and walking for different amounts of time? I think that even if you’re going slower, at least doing a little jog helps.

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      2. That’s the next step πŸ™‚ I used to be able to alternate pretty well and it helped my stamina but I got so out of shape so I’m starting with walking, then walking on an incline, then I’ll try alternating! I had a running app that timed out my walking and running but it was still too much because I’m such a beginner


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