Our Adopt Don’t Shop Story

I was supposed to go to Rhode Island this past weekend for a quick getaway, but plans changed fast.

My boyfriend and I moved in together a couple months ago. But before we even had the conversation about moving in, we were talking about getting a dog. I’m a huge animal lover and have wanted a dog since I graduated college. I had a couple of set backs on my journey to adoption.

One reason being that I didn’t have enough space, money, or time for a while and I knew it was unfair at that point in my life to get a dog. Another setback being, I’ve been bitten in the face twice by two separate dogs on two separate occasions that required a significant amount of stitches – really, that was just bad luck. And lastly, the dog I grew up with passed away not too long ago and it really hit me hard.

But still, we talked about getting a dog for a while and the longer we lived together the more and more we started looking at adoption sites. I had volunteered at a shelter when I first graduated and on Wednesday of last week the most perfect dog became available for adoption. We initially thought we would adopt her and come back to get her after the trip, but that wasn’t really realistic as we would have a hard time leaving her alone after falling in love with her.

I was a little panicky the first couple days, as seems to be the trend with big decisions. We are going to be responsible for this little pup for the rest of her life, I just was nervous we were taking a step a little too early. But we are finally beginning to get settled with her, even though we are facing typical puppy challenges that I will write about later on.

World, meet Kaya. She’s a little over 1 year old, the shelter thinks she is a chow/terrier mix, and she had puppies only a few months ago. She is a great dog and is already pretty well trained! We love her so much already! πŸ™‚ Did you adopt your pet? I’d love to hear about your adoption experience in the comments!

24 thoughts on “Our Adopt Don’t Shop Story

  1. Congratulations on your newest family member! And way to give a deserving pet a good home. That’s wonderful. 😊

    My dog, Jett, is also a rescue pet. If not for him, my blog wouldn’t be the same… Especially since he essentially took over and became the star. πŸ˜‚

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  2. Wow, bitten twice and still want a dog. I was bitten above my eye when I was about 4 I still remember how frightening and painful it was clearly.
    Dogs stop me in my tracks. They are all guilty to me. Good on you.

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  3. We adopted both of my family dogs. Sadly, we lost our Otis not too long ago. While I am still heartbroken, I can’t wait for the opportunity to adopt another dog. My apartment doesn’t allow dogs so in the meantime I am going to start volunteering at an animal shelter.

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    1. Aw good luck! I have volunteered quite a few times and it can be challenging, but rewarding. When I moved in with my boyfriend we only looked for dog friendly apartments because we knew we wouldnt be able to resist for long.

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  4. Aw yay! She’s beautiful, I’m so happy for you and your boyfriend. πŸ˜€ It is definitely a big step, but you’ll be thankful you took it, don’t worry! You’re going to do an amazing job taking care of her!
    I have 3 cats and I adopted my 3rd one from a shelter and my first two from a friend of a friend. πŸ™‚ I believe in adopt don’t shop, too!

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