Blogger Burnout

Every once in a while, when I’m too busy to blog, I throw up a post giving a shout out to bloggers I follow that I think other people should also follow.

I had some time to go through some of the posts like that I’ve put up over the years and was very sad to see how many blogs were inactive. I should’ve noticed they had been gone, but as new followers join my blog I end up just keeping in touch with people that keep in touch with me and whoever else is popping up on my reader.

I totally get blogger burnout. There have been so many times when I sat down to publish a post or Instagram and thought – does anyone really care? I put a decent amount of time into everything blog related and a lot of the time it feels like no one is even listening.

Especially on Instagram, I feel like there is so much mumbo jumbo about whether my picture looks good, my hashtags are good, etc. Then I’m worried about if I’m getting my personality across, if people actually like the products I promote, if I’m authentic like I’m trying to be or just as fake as the many beautifully filtered and curated feeds out there.

Then I’ll get a message or a comment from someone telling me how my blog has helped them or answering a question I left at the bottom of my post. And I’m inspired to keep going.

If you’re a reader, know that bloggers really do appreciate knowing that you like their blog. Whether you throw them a like, a comment, or an email. I am definitely more prone to staying on the silent side when it comes to expressing how I feel about something. I think about it like this, though, if I liked someone’s dress then I could make their day by just coming out of my shell a little bit to tell them I like it. The same goes with reaching out to your favorite bloggers.

If you’re a blogger, I know how hard it is to write to what feels like no one. But that one person you could help with your blog exists and they’ll find you eventually. Do it for yourself, but do it for them too.


32 thoughts on “Blogger Burnout

  1. Thanks for this! Some weeks, I struggle to get a new post up and am discouraged when I don’t feel like my writing is impacting anyone or helping others out there, so I’m glad your words of advice came along at the right time!

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      1. So your Instagram moves your blog forward. I have been struggling with this concept. I too want a broader audience, I need several days to write a piece so I feel it is readable, I post photos that are worthy show and I do search around Twitter for like minded people. Then I have read posts from bloggers I follow on WP. All this online scratching in the dirt is time consuming. I stuff to do like go out and find stuff to write about and take pictures. I think it is a marathon not a sprint.

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      2. Well I will put some more time into Instagram then too. I only have half the followers on both my twitter and Instagram as my WP , My goal is to even them out. Thanks Rosie, Keep up the great work.

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  2. It’s always sad when blogs die, but I get it. Blogging is hard, and not everyone can keep it up. That’s why burnout is scary, but you have passion, so don’t feel too discouraged. Keep doing you!

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  3. This is true! Having a brand new blog it’s hard to find a reason to continue writing on it other than the fact that I love it! Seeing how successful your blog is I can see if I continue on the results will come eventually!!

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  4. As a new blogger I can understand what you’re saying. I refuse to give up even if it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of attention. I don’t mind though because I like writing. May we, as bloggers, be very successful in this endeavor!

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  5. Sometimes I feel like I’m just yelling to the clouds with some posts but others that I don’t think will get a lot of interaction do. I definitely think you need to write for yourself but also have the intention of wanting to reach and interact with other bloggers. But I feel the burnout sometimes. I’ll take a few days off and come back hopefully with some new ideas.

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  6. I struggle at times but I will post a picture or two or perhaps a YouTube video I find. Creating original posts all the time can be hard. If you pay attention you will find something around the next corner that would make a great post. Also longer posts aren’t always the best posts.

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    1. Totally agree! I keep my posts very pretty short as I don’t like reading long posts. But I have had to cut down on how often I post because inspiration just doesn’t always strike when you’re tired from working all day and don’t want to work more by writing haha


  7. Thank you Rosie! Yes, I know how lovely it is to get a comment, a like or someone new deciding to come on my venture with by bucket list. But I need to remind myself to read more of other people’s posts. Two way street, eh?! Great post x

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  8. Thank you Rosie for sharing this. I get that blogging burnout feeling too. Mostly when juggling work, family and every things that need my attention, getting down to write can be hard. I get a number of post ideas atimes and them finding the time to put pen to paper becomes a tough one to achieve.

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  9. There are times when I have more ideas that I know what to do with, and others where I can’t think of anything. I’ve joined a couple blogging groups on Facebook that have bumped my numbers up a little bit, but even when I don’t have a lot of readers, I have to remind myself that I’m having fun doing it. (And heck, since we’re here …

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