My Updated Spring Bucket List

Wow April flew by and May is doing the same! I’m really trying to plug along as best as possible this spring. I’ve actually been really productive, but I’ve changed some of the list items up to make them a little more attainable since we’re almost halfway through spring.

  1. Read 3 books
    Two down, one to go.
  2. Complete one crafting project.
  3. Have friends over to my new place
  4. Go on a weekend trip
    Only went as far as NYC, but it counts!
  5. Plan a summer vacation
  6. Visit Longwood Gardens
  7. Reach 2,700 WordPress followers
  8. Reach 6,600 Instagram followers
  9. Reach 900 Twitter followers
  10. Reach 600 Facebook page likes
  11. Go hiking in 2 places
    One down, one to go!
  12. Leave the state 3 times
    One down, two to go!
  13. Hold a sloth
  14. Save $$$ for a dog!
  15. Start a garden
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Take a walk outside once a week
  18. Maintain happiness and presence
  19. Create a photo album

Now I just need it to stop raining every day so I can get ahead on the rest of this list!

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