24 Hours Of Negative Thoughts

Yesterday, I decided to write down every negative thought I had about myself or the things I can’t control. Because I know I’m greeting life’s challenges with a bad attitude and I want to change it, at least as much as I can. Here’s every bad thing I thought in a day, tomorrow I will begin to work on shortening this list and creating a more positive one. I want to greet the day with a better outlook and I want to stop being so hard on myself. So here it goes.

  1. Why am I always sick?
  2. My skin is so broken out.
  3. My skin is so dry.
  4. This would look better on me if I was skinny.
  5. I am not a morning person.
  6. I’m so tired of stupid people.
  7. This is the worst drive ever.
  8. I’m already annoyed and I haven’t even gotten to work yet.
  9. I should probably skip breakfast .
  10. I already know I’m going to be tired later.
  11. I put way too much work on my plate.
  12. No one even cares about my Instagram or blog.
  13. I wish people had a little more faith in me.
  14. I’d rather be asleep.
  15. I’m so selfish.
  16. I feel like crap.
  17. I wish I had more style…
  18. Meh.
  19. I wish I could just make a decision on my own.
  20. I told myself I was going to work out tonight but I’m probably just going to sit on the couch.
  21. I’m so lazy.
  22. I really need to start dieting.
  23. I am a pretty sucky girlfriend.
  24. * A LOT of thoughts about past actions *

This isn’t a post for people to pity me, it’s a challenge for all of us to just at least acknowledge all the bad things we say to ourselves every day. With that acknowledgement, maybe we can make a change.

28 thoughts on “24 Hours Of Negative Thoughts

  1. As someone who suffers from OCD and intrusive thoughts, this is an exercise I think I’d greatly benefit from. As most of my thoughts that come into my head throughout the day are negative and very irrational, I spend countless hours trying to talk my mind out of these negative thoughts and convince myself they aren’t true. I’m going to give this a try – thank you!

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  2. This is such a thought-provoking post – thank you for sharing. It is so sad that you think those things about yourself but it just shows that everyone has negative thoughts at times and no one is as alone as they feel. You are beautiful and strong, never forget that. And I love your blog. xx

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  3. I think putting all of those remarks or thoughts down into a post is really interesting! I totally didn’t see it as a way to pity you but it’s something that you could look back on and do a little more self reflection on. We don’t realize how much negative things we say until we are able to document them!

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  4. I am too hard on myself, too. It is sometimes the first thing a person sees in me. I find that sad because I’m sure that impression stays with them forever. I’m interested in trying this myself. I admit, I’m afraid the list will be miles long. Some days it seems that my every thought is negative. That way of thinking is so ingrained in me that I don’t even realize I do it anymore. Maybe a list like this will show me just how excessive it is. Thanks for posting this.

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  5. Wow, this is food for thought… This made me realize not only how hard I am on myself, but on other people as well. I think it’s so brave of you to write this, so let that be atleast one positive thought from me today 😉

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