Need Tips For Egypt!

I am headed to Egypt next week and I am SO excited.  I’ve read a few blog posts about the area and we’ll be on tours most of the time, but if anyone here has been to Egypt or can refer me to some good blog posts I will be so thankful!

I’ll be dressing modestly and will be careful of my surroundings. I also don’t think I will be riding any camels due to the overall treatment of the animals. But any other tips about the culture or just things I should really know would be great. Any restaurant suggestions, local shops, etc. I’m just open to any suggestions! 🙂 We will be in Cairo for most of the time.

Thanks in advance for any help! xoxo

sand desert blue sky egypt
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23 thoughts on “Need Tips For Egypt!

      1. Yup! It’s definitely vegetarian. 🤔🤔 I travelled solo in the region, so I can’t think of any further tips now (though buy souvenirs in Cairo or Alexandria – these are the cheapest places), but I’ll let you know if I do if I think of something relevant 🤗

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      2. OMG, there is SO much for vegetarians to eat! I eat vegan and I found that I had plenty too! Also try falafel (obvious, but I personally think Egyptian falafel is one of the best I’ve ever had), ful (a bean dish), and of course, the pickled vegetables. I always had options at restaurants, even as a vegan, so don’t worry at all! x

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  1. Hi, I just dropped in for the first time. Egypt is beautiful! Unfortunately it’s been ages since I’ve been there so I don’t really have any tips for you, except visit the temple of Karnak if you get the chance! I remember it was really impressive.
    Have fun!

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  2. Oh this sounds like one of those trips that will always remain as one of your best memories. Have a most excellent time and take lots of photos for your memories and website! Thought some of the advice was spot on.

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