Leaving Your Home

I’ve lived in New Jersey basically my whole life. I was born in another state, lived in another, but that was all before memories really started to form. I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in New Jersey, and built my life here.

And while I love everything about this extremely underrated state, I never wanted to stay here forever. First I wanted to go to college in Canada, then maybe Ireland, then I wanted to move south as quick as I could. But I never did. I stayed. Until now.

Now I’m leaving my home and I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that everything I know will be a 6 hour drive away when I move to New Hampshire. All of my friends, most of my family, my coworkers, and familiarity will be so far gone. It’s nerve-wracking.

But I’m ready to leave it behind. My adult life has become so busy anyway that I think some distance between me and all of those things will actually make the bond stronger. If the bond becomes weaker, maybe it wasn’t meant to be in the first place.

I think it’s so important to start over somewhere new, to live in new places, to meet new people. Those experiences help shape you into a well-rounded person – it’s part of the reason I travel as much as I can. It makes me a better person. And even though I’m terrible at new things and meeting new people, I at least have to try.

It’s so sad to leave your home, but there is a whole world out there to explore and we owe it to ourselves to experience it.

24 thoughts on “Leaving Your Home

  1. I totally agree that we need to get out and experience the world. It’s just out there waiting for us! I moved 6 hours away from my family and friends to but have gained so much more for it. I have lived here for almost 12 years and would love to move somewhere new but I have kids now so it’s a bit difficult for me now. One day I’ll do some traveling and take the kiddos with me.

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  2. Life is all about experiences so go for it and enjoy every single moment. Home will always be there and you will find that the more you travel the more you appreciate your home. It’ll be an amazing adventure.

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  3. Leaving is always so hard. But experiencing new places and people definitely helps you grow! Iโ€™ve found my relationships are stronger as you have to be more intentional about calling or seeing each other. When I do see friends, itโ€™s quality time. Good luck! Iโ€™m sure itโ€™ll be great!

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  4. Enjoy your new adventure . I left new York to move up to Boston not once but twice. I moved to Los Angeles and Las Vegas before moving back to New York City again in 2010. New Hampshire really isn’t that far from new Jersey and you can visit your family if and when you want to. It might be strange at first, but if it doesn’t work out, always tell yourself , that you can go home again.


  5. once you leave NJ its almost impossible to get back there! my best advice is to keep some kind of tie in NJ so you can return easily. you will return back to NJ once you see how the rest of the world is. culture shock is the hardest part tho you do learn how to adapt. but my longing for home never left even tho i have everything i want and need outside NJ, its simply not the same…..

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    1. ah I know I will miss NJ tons, there is just nowhere like it. But my family and friends are here so I’ll always come back and even if I don’t make it back a lot, I will now be a shoobie coming down for summers at the shore lol

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