The Easy Ways You Can Support People

I love to support people, especially people I’ve known in the past and people who have supported me. I have a lot of sorority sisters and even people from high school who I haven’t kept in touch with, but if I see they’re on a creative endeavor I’m so happy to help.

Because supporting people can be just as easy as liking their Facebook page, following them on Instagram, retweeting a tweet. It can be as easy as sharing their work with your audience, your friends, your family. And just those small things mean so much to people who are just trying to do what they love.

That’s why it surprises me when people choose not to do the easy things. I don’t get angry when I see people I know personally unfollow me, I’m just disappointed. Because even if my content isn’t exactly your thing, why not just stick around for support? Is it that hard to throw my photos a like or skip over my stories?

I don’t like to talk about these things much because it’s such a trivial thing to complain about. I just believe what you put in comes back to you and down the line if you need something from me I’ll have this bad taste in my mouth from when you couldn’t do something as simple as following me on Instagram.

Comment on your friends photos and tell them they look hot, congratulate people you know when they start hitting their career goals, like a band’s facebook page, retweet a podcast’s tweet, talk about that blog you love. These are all easy and free ways to support people. I’m going to end this with a challenge for everyone to do one of these simple things this week. A little goes a long way.

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14 thoughts on “The Easy Ways You Can Support People

  1. You’re right… little things make a difference. Which kind of makes me rethink my policy of ignoring the majority of requests to like friends’ Facebook business pages, just because I don’t necessarily want to see those things pop up on my feed every day. I could still like those pages and set it up so they don’t appear in my feed. But I still feel like that makes me more of an underhanded kind of jerk.

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  2. I agree…I think it’s sometimes an envy thing, sad as that is. Some people aren’t doing what they love and don’t like to see other people out there doing it. I’ve struggled with that lame green eyed monster myself a time or two. But I’m a grown up and I saw it and got over it. 🙂

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  3. I agree with you and it really is simple to just like someone’s page or photo. I am also incredibly petty. I am friends with a lot of moms who have gotten into Pampered Chef and other things like that. One person invited me to like their Pampered Chef page and I refused cause they didn’t like my blog page when I invited them to. I know it’s super petty but you can’t ask people to support you if you never supported them.

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    1. I don’t think it’s petty! I completely agree with you. I’m on your level, I knew someone who unfollowed me on instagram and then tried to start a blog and failed and I chuckled a little because I would’ve been willing to give advice if they supported me

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  4. Love this Rosie and I agree with it. I may not say much on people’s posts but I read, like and share those that have moved me in some way. I do it on my FB page and on Twitter, but I find it crazy when people don’t do the same.

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