Dealing With Embarrassment

I’m embarrassed all the time. And when I get embarrassed, it never leaves my mind. Most recently I’ve had days where everything is going right and I’m so thrilled and then one little thing will happen that throws the whole day off. Like when someone scolded me for dragging some chairs on “historical” floors or when I tried to open the door for a blind person and ended up making things way more complicated. I think about those things all day, I think about them years later.

But I recently read this: think of all the times you’ve been embarrassed, now think of a time when someone else was embarrassed.

It’s hard to remember. I’m thinking back to college, trying to remember the weird or ratchet things some of my friends did. And while a few things come to mind, I don’t know how embarrassed by it they were.

And no one else remembers those things that embarrassed you. The guy who scolded me won’t remember me after a few days go by, the blind person who deals with difficulties every day won’t remember me. We are so wrapped up in ourselves and the things we do, sometimes we just need to let it go.

It is never as bad as you thought it was and no one else will even remember it. Embarrassment is a part of life, but you can’t let it eat you alive.

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17 thoughts on “Dealing With Embarrassment

  1. This reminds me of something I’ve read in different places about how we’re all so consumed with ourselves that no one is thinking of you. It’s that idea that no one has a better memory collection of embarrassing things you did than you do. I take comfort in this…though I continue to freak out and cringe each time I embarrass myself haha

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  2. My Angel – We’ve all been embarrassed at one time or another. It’s just life. It reminds us that we are all human and things just happen. At the end of the day if that is the worst thing to happen to you is being a little embarrassed because you (1) were being so kind and generous whereas to open a door for a blind person or (2) moving chairs in order to assist than my dear you have no reason to hang your head. You are an Angel! You are an Angel in this life so you hold your head up HIGH even in those embarrassing moments and just say to yourself “yep I just did that and I’m still ok.” Life is too short my sweet to let these things bother us. Things happen like this so we accept, smile, and move on. Remember Angel that you are in fact, AN ANGEL and worth priceless shining moment in time.

    Always with much Light & Love.

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s actually a very good point, I need to remember that I was trying to do good and embarrassment was just a secondary factor. I really need to remember that.


  3. My goodness, this is such a good perspective. Wow, I feel like that will make it a lot easier to let go of embarrassing moments. It’s true, I don’t remember embarrassing things other people have done, or at least not anything that stands out to me. So that helps me know that they probably don’t remember mine either. Thanks for sharing!! ❤

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  4. Embarrassment is a momentary feeling about an incident that is rapidly over. It doesn’t last and there really is no need to ever think of those moments again or relive them. How many moments aren’t embarrassing compared to those that are?

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  5. I get embarrassed very easily as well and am the type of person who will relive the moment over and over again. I really like the perspective you shared. I never thought of it like that before.

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  6. Girl, I resonate with this BIG time. I can’t shake even a minor embarrassment for so long!!! Even years later if I think of an awkward encounter or something I can feel myself turning red in the face.

    So THANK YOU for bringing to my attention about how we don’t remember others’ embarrassment.

    Goodness I needed to read this! Thank you, Rosie!

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